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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Yesterday (12.06) was 29th birthday of my sister (so it's why I didn't blog that day) and it reminded me about that next birthday in our family is mine. So I think it's the good time to write this post to see what I learnt, what lessons I got, about what I dreamed...

Back to 2011, when I was 14-15 years old. I remember this year really good. Especially I remember good that in this year I found myself in bloggingland. I started daily read some blogs I like and later even created my first blog.
That year my niece was born and as at that moment my sister lived with her husband with me and our parents, I got a experience of living with a little baby... it was very hard... especially, that year, when she was only a few months.
That year was almost the last year (I think 2012 was the last) when all my childhood friends were still friends with me and each others.
That year when I was 14, but everyone told that I look like I'm 12. It was the most annoying thing for me you could told me. So it one of the reasons why I started to do harder makeup for everyday, to use mascara, shiny eyeliner-shades and foundation - I can say that 2011 was the first time I started to make serious makeups.
That year was when a lot of trolls were on my blog and they wrote really bad things about me. It made me cry a few times. Then I really thought that every comment I got is true and I believed that If I'll do something good, EVERYONE will like it. 
That year my ''craziest'' dream was to buy a professional camera. I cried so a lot of times because it was too expencive for me and my parents. Everyone on our street knew about my dream, I talked about it. I was the happiest person ever when I got this as the late birthday present in the autumn.
So yeah, it was the year I started to love photography. Especially I was obsessed of taking photos of magical autumn nature.
Actually, 2011 was like the next level of my life, my life before and after 2012 are different things.
That year I when I started to go to the courses that later became the big part of my life for the next 2 years, also I made there a lot of friends... One of them was for me the bestfriend, but I wasn't for her this. Any ways, our friendship lived around 4 years and it was a beautiful time with her.
I remember that year my friends and I called a spirit. This just was so scary for us, I was shocked that that thing (don't remember what it was) started to move to letters without our hands. One of the first questions was if I'll get a camera one day. Everyone laughed at me.
Also that year I was really bad in outfits. Especially in mixing of colors, prints and just in clothing pieces. But still whole year I wore my shiny silver bow on my head everyday and with every outfit, even with clothes for sport.

Do you remember good yourself 5 years ago?
It was hard to find a photo where I'm 14, probably I deleted them all, because they're awful. All I found - photos where I'm already almost 16, so I decided to use this funny old photo.


  1. Hard to believe 2011 was five years ago

    1. For me it feels like it was a long time ago... like 3 or 4 years ago, not 5, any ways.

  2. Wow, how far we all come in just a few years - so crazy to think about!

  3. А мне наоборот кажется, что вот же только 2011 был, а что уже 2016? Сколько-сколько мне уже лет?! :D Круто было прочитать, какой ты была 5 лет назад. Честно говоря, себя помню не очень, но точно помню, что стиль одежды был странный, я носила чёлку и не выпрямляла её утюжком и хоть у меня прямые волосы, по бокам чёлка всё время ужасно крутилась, ах да ещё по поводу внешности - брови, я только постигала азы макияжа, в том числе оформления бровей(это был не лучший период). Но всё же для меня это было ещё беззаботное детство, а сейчас в 14-15 выглядят старше, чем я сейчас.

    Мне нравится твой блог и я была бы очень рада дружбе! С удовольствием становлюсь его читателем(нашла только через Bloglovin) и приглашаю в гости:
    ☆My blog "Demilla". Welcome!☆

    1. У меня была такая же ситуация с челкой, но кажется в 2012 я ее стала отращивать. И на брови стала обращать внимание тоже где-то в то время.

  4. Забыла сказать! Хочу пригласить тебя принять участие в Giveaway, который сейчас проходит в моём блоге :)

  5. Cute photo! % years ago, so many changes... and good ones, right? Living with a baby, although your beloved niece, must have been hard :) A baby is always a baby, needing attention. Glad you started blogging and makeup. The thing you tried with the spirit is called Ouija and it's so scary... I have also done, too :) As for me, 5 years ago I finished my Master's and moved countries... and leaving the one I was in was very good. But 5 years ago something really really horrible happened to me, and changed my whole life forever :(

  6. Can't believe that 2011 was 5 years ago! I'm glad that the bullies didn't stop you from blogging and reaching your dreams :)

    What Sarah Writes

  7. it is amazing what a few years will do isn't it? where does time go? :)
    Joy @ The Joyous Living


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