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Friday, June 17, 2016

A-Z - Get To Know Me | TAG

Hello guuuys. I found today one TAG for a blogpost, so I thought, why not to do it? This TAG makes bloggers and blog readers to know each other better. So if you like the idea of this post, you can write this TAG on your blog too.

A - Anna-Alina. Let's start with my name. The first thought in my head when I see ''A'' is about my name. If you don't know yet. Everyone call me just Alina.

B - Books and blogging. I can't choose one only. I love both and can't imagine my life without it.

C - Cats. When I was a kid, cats were my favorite things in the world. Now I'm not obssesed with the as hard as before, but they are still very and very cute for me.

D - Dentists. Nobody scares me so much as they do.

E - Earrings. I love theeem. My favorite kind of jewelries. Big earrings are my favorite. 

F - Flowers. I really love to enjoy their beauty, but I prefere when they are alive. I'm not a fan of plucked flowers.

G - Guns N' Roses is my favorite music band.

H - Horses. I adore these animals!!!

I - Ice cream. Earlier I was the biggest fan of ice cream and have eating eveyday, but now I don't care about them. Yeah, it's tasty, but chocolate better.

J - Jeans. I wear them almost always, only home I prefere other clother, but still have some pairs of jeans for home too.

K - Keys. I loose them too often...

L - Lace. What can be better than using lace in your outfit?

M - Music. Music is love.

N - Night. The time when I'm usually very inspired and ready to reach all my biggest goals. So it's one of the reason why I blog in the night mostly.

O - Owls. They are so interesting... I wish I had one as a pet.

P - Pizza. Especially homemade pizza is the love of my life

Q - Questions. Some people love when somebody ask them something, but not me. I have to give answers.

R - Radio. I think music on radio sounds the best.

T - Television. Almost never watch this. Mostly because I have no time and I prefere to watch something on Internet where I choose what to watch everything.

U - Unicorns. I adored them to use in my style. My favorite top has a unicorn print.

V - Vegetables. I adooore them. And this word made me hungry. Midnight...

W - Wave. I'm so afraid of the big ones, when I swim in the sea.

X - X-mas. The best holiday.

Y - Yo-you. I have no idea how to play with it. Everybody knows it, but I'm exception.


  1. Great TAG and great idea so we will know each other better

    1. I think it's a good idea to know each other better.

  2. I love vegetables too. They're so tasty. And I'm obsessed with books too. I can't live without them!

  3. Very interesting Post! :)


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