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Monday, May 16, 2016


Hello! My little niece visited me for all weekend since the evening of Friday. So I had not too much of the time for the Internet, but we had nice days together. Especially I likes to watch Eurovision together with her, mom and my sister that visited me for one day too, but actually only I could to watch that to the end - to 2 a.m. but everyone woke up in the last minute to see who won.
Guys, I even can't explain how I was shocked, when have heard that our Jamala won, I even cried and my legs really shaked. I was so surprised, I didn't expect that it could happen.
So proud!!! I thought Ukraine will be in top 5, but not will be a winner, but my heart felt that this Eurovision will especial amazing. I had a thought that Jamala will be or one of the favorites of people or will be in the end, because you can adore her or hate, as Jamala is not for everyone. I didn't like her in 2009 too, when I've heard her for the first time. And another thing I noticed - almost everyone started to like the song of Jamala only after the second time of hearing.
Ukraine this year had the most meaningful song and one of the strongest voices, also I really liked gold light effects, so pretty. Actually I really think she deserved this although here are a lot of jealous people that say she don't, especially from Russia. Comments about her and Ukraine from Russian people really make me sad, because it makes me to think about how many angry people on the Earth. I don't have words even to explain this, it's awful what those people are doing...
Back to positive side... I'm so exited about Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine. Here are the rumors that Ukrainian Eurovision 2017 will be at the stadium ''Olympiyskiy'' with capacity of 70 000 people (for example in Sweden capacity was 16 000), if it's true, then it will be really great!♥
Eurovision 2016 really was cool for my opinion - Justin Timbarlake, amazing hosts, interesting and funny moments, it gave me a lot of songs to my playlists of course, here are my favorites:


  1. Interesting Post! :)

  2. I hear how huge that show is over there. My mom is a fan of the American show The Voice

    1. it's a little bit different;) any ways, in Ukraine we have the voice too and even for kids one too))

  3. Me encanta tu gorra. Un beso guapa


  4. I have followed the event and all was so energic!

    Patchwork à Porter

  5. i love your layout!


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