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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Hey guys! I'm alive and everything is okay, just had one week blogging break, cause many things like everyday I had enough works to do, so I hadn't time and was tired for blogging. Also now here are different spring holidays in Ukraine and now in this time many people that I know have birthdays. Just celebrated my grandmother's birthday only two days ago, that day I started to feel really bad, although still tried to have fun. My 5 years old goddaughter didn't give me the time for being sick, I had to play with her. While yesterday I had ''a bed and pills day''. I felt really bad, only in the night when I watched my favorite contest Eurovision on TV I started to feel better, so today I almost have no problems with my health. I have high temperature very rarely, it's strange I become usually sick in May or June, not in winter.

So I thought it's the time to write something, so as I had problems with blogging recently I think it will funny to write some blogging problems I have usually. And say me which ones you have too!

  • It's really hard to start to write posts again for me if I didn't write a few days.
  • Some days are really bad for taking photos and when I want to take photos for a new post, I get only bad photos. Usually I get this like a sign to rest from blogging that day and to try it tomorrow.
  • Some days when I planning to write something new on the blog, I loose myself in the time with a help of the internet or shows. And when I finally ''wake up'' it's around 2 a.m. Actually almost nothing annoy me worse as days like that, I started to be really angry at myself after that. Not because I didn't blog, but because I hate days that I spent in a useless way and did nothing.
  • Every blogger has days when inside the head are no any ideas for the new posts.
  • Everyone had pretty cool ideas for future blogposts and forget them later, right? Or am I'm only a big loser?
  • I don't know how about you, but sometimes I have a problem with which words I had to start the post.
  • I find a problem in the fact that when I want to take photos of something pretty I get only bad photos, while some photos of random things can be really good!


  1. Sometimes I also struggling with starting a post! Thanks for sharing

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I have big problems with my makeup photos. They're always against me and don't show my work... It's horrible!

    1. Ah I forgot about this one! I really don't understand how instagram or just beauty bloggers do amazing photo of their makeups. My camera eat more than a half of colors I use for the makeup. Like I cam use 5 colors for my eyes and photos show only two.

  3. I agree .. sometimes I have zero inspiration .. then I feel like a failed blogger .. lol. But I don't want to post, just to post .. so I wait until an idea comes to mind.


  4. Estas muy guapa!! Feliz jueves! Un beso


  5. I try to write a lot in drafts that way I can use them later when I'm not feeling good or too busy

  6. I hope you are fine soon! I know, sometimes things happen, we get sick - I am sick right now, in bed. Congratulations to your grandmother! And yes, sometimes writing is a bit difficult, but I always think you have great ideas!

  7. Totally feel your struggles! I hate not getting good photos too!


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