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Monday, May 2, 2016

My Ukrainian Easter in Photos From My phone, Easter Bunny & Giveaway


Some quick not edited photos:
Game ''Find a rabbit that looks the same as my faux fur vest".

Hey guys! Finally, I'm here! Was super busy and tired everyday after works I needed to do the recent days. But now I'm really so happy that all is over and I'm a free human again. About this I'll tell a little bit later probably, while in this post I wanted to tell you about my Easter. No, it's not the late post! In Ukraine this year Easter was really yesterday (01.05.). Never celebrate this so late. Usually we have Easter in March or April.
Yesterday was really a nice day! In the morning I visited my grandmother and a little bit later I'll go to to my cousine and her family. She bought a new flat, so we celebrated this, the birthday of her daughter and of course Easter. 3 in 1.
So yeah, I spent almost whole day there and it was a funny time!
By the way, it's they have one little bunny. The cutest one ever! I mean I never seen that a bunny was so calm and kiss everyone haha.
This one reminds me my bunny that I had in 2013. Ahhh. They are so cute, I wish I had one! <3

A little throwback to 2013.


  1. Your bunny is so cute! My little fluff ball is called Aurora! They're so adorable

  2. Wow, yes, Easter was a bit late for you this year, I can see! So nice pictures, a usual, with your niece! Nice that your cousin bought a new apartment and I loooved the bunny! I never saw one that is so calm, I wish I had one like that!

    1. And nephew for this time!;) I always with my niece cause she's daughter of my only sister and she like to pose for photos.
      Me too, even that bunny I had a few years ago was pretty calm, but still liked to run from me sometimes, while this is one is really very very very calm.

  3. This bunny seems to be the perfect pet. It could be great have one.

    1. Literally that are my thoughts too <3


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