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Thursday, May 26, 2016


 Hello guys! I hope in 1-3 days I will be more active, will write posts I plan to write and will taking new photos! But now I want to share with you things I'm planning to do this summer - summer 2016 that will be just in 5 day... it's crazy, I thought I celebrated the New Year eve around 2 months ago! 
Seriously, I wish this summer will be funny, bright and productive in all senses of this word!
While I can only hope and dream that this summer will be great one, I still can do it productive. I'm very exited about this summer and I feel that many good and interesting things have to happen. What's a summer without adventures? 

Let's start with learning languages. I already started to watch movies and even series in English with English subtitles. It really helps.
Since yesterday I started to watch my favorite ''Friends''. I already forgot everything, as I watched all seasons in 2013 yet. 
Any ways, I've seen already 2 episodes in English and don't know 50 words from it, today I'm going to learn them. So my goal is to finish to watch ''Friends'' in English and learn all words I don't know (I mean those ones that I've heard in this show).
Also I have don't forget about Swedish. I'm pretty lazy in it, cause it hard to learn something new, while English languages I started to like since I was ten I think.

Fitness. I will workout with help of the fitness apps that show how to do exercises and how long to do it. I think I will focus on arms now, cause it's almost the season to wear t-shirts and tops e.t.c.

To make my instagram and blog better. Yes, now I focus only on Instagram and the blog, as these two I love more than other social media and they became not only like a hobby but and started to be useful for me, like a little ''job'', I hope they will continue to grow, then it will give more and more motivation to do it better.

Books. I don't know how many books I'm going to read this summer - 1 or 21, it's not important. The main thing if that will makes me happier and probably more clever. 
Now I read ''Twilight'' for the first time, the first book. I want to read all, as I love the ''Twilight' movies, but tired to watch them haha. Books have a lot thing that movies don't have, so I love to read it.

I want to eat more fruits and vegetables and to try eat them mostly. So happy that I already can do my favorite strawberry smoothies and soon will be my favorite fruits apricot and peaches.

And the last one - more walks, spending the time in the fresh air e.t.c. 

So it's all, my standard goals for summer, don't want to write more, as let's I will start to do these ones, later we will see what to do next! 

What's your goal for the summer?
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  1. Good luck with your goals! :-)

  2. This is such a wonderful list! Good luck on achieving your goals!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  3. I must improve my English so I'm going to watch films in this language too. I hope it helps me a lot!

  4. I love your top in that picture! All the best with your summer goals doll ;)

  5. I love watching films in English! Or any other language you are learning. It really helps. You are also learning Swedish? That is so interesting, I am interested in this, too. Nice post. :)

  6. Summer - I'll be spending as much time in and at the lake as possible. Hope the sun will be there too ;-)

  7. Какие крутые очки! очень стильно смотрятся!

  8. Friends is one of my top 2 favorite tv shows ever! I want to practice my french this summer and am going to be watching a few of my favorite movies with french subtitles. Great idea! Good luck! If you have questions I can help! =]


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