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Saturday, May 14, 2016


Hey guys, I decided to write not a big post before I'll go to sleep,as I don't know when I will have the time for blogging tomorrow, cause my niece visited me today and will staying at least before tomorrow's evening, so I missed almost two days of blogging again. 
Just yesterday I had many businesses with documents and also I searched for a present before my mom's birthday and still found nothing, but I found this amazing vest in the thrift shop that opened recently around my home. I think it's really look good with a simple black top.
 But a little bit earlier I looked for jeans / pants and found the violet jeans. Actually they don't look like on the photo - they just of violet color, not shiny. I already have similar ones, but I think violet color is amazing, so yeah!
 Also I looked for a jacket and found this denim jacket of my size. Usually they are really expensive, but this one was cheap, but still it looks very good.

 This is all about things I bought in the thrift shops. Also I will show you some of my beauty products I bought - the mascara from Party. Actully haven't used this yet, but look really like those I like to use. Probably I will see what I think in the next posts!
 Another product I already used a few times, as I bought this around a week ago. This is cream for problematic skin. And I already can say that it works so much better than I thought. I really helps to my skin to be not oily and made all my skin became a little bit cleaner.


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