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Thursday, May 5, 2016


What do you watch recently? Which shows & series are your favorites now? I thought maybe it will be useful to see my list of favourite shows currently. I find something new to watch sometimes, so if you're already tired to watch your old favorite shows too, here are my list. Maybe you haven't heard about some of them or just forgot. So those are my ideas what to watch when you have free time.
1. 2 broke girls. This series about two poor waitresses is one of my favorite series ever. So funny! Especially I love the character Max! She's so funny and cool *hashtag "goals"*. Really recomend to see this for haveing a good mood!
2. Gossip Girl. So interesting and pretty series! I watch it a lot recently! Actually I rewatch this, I watched this before a few years ago.
3. The Bachelor. Actually I don't like the idea of this show, but OMG it has a lot of drama haha, and so interesting... seriusly!
4. American Crime Story. Now it has only one season (10 episodes), but I still saw only 3, as they're long. I love shows that are about things really happened. Can't wait to see to see whole season and will wait for the second season that will be about other things!
5. Just gags for laughs. All I can say is that it's the best show if you want to make your mood better! It's really very funny show!


  1. My wife and I watched the whole series of Gossip Girl.

  2. I don't watch TV series these months because I arrive at home very late an I can't follow any of them :(

  3. People vs OJ was so good
    Nice post

    Love Vikee

  4. I love these shows esp. Gossip Girl and The Bachelor!


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