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Friday, April 29, 2016


Firstly I want to recommend to enter the Giveaway (more enteries you will do - more chances to win). Rafflecopter choose the random person who will win when the giveaway will be over! The giveaway is international, of course.
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If you're not sure what's a Japan Candy Box, then it's monthly box with 8-10 tasty snacks and sweets from Japan. 
You can order this HERE. But if you want to buy items that I got in this box, then check them on this PAGE, there are all links on products from this post.
I got it for the first time, so I was super exited about it. I never was in Japan and never tried their food, but I've heard that in Japan are a lot of unusual food with interesting cool tastes, so I wanted to try them sooooo muuuch. And my big wish came true - got some of them. More details below!
 The list of what I got in this March Box:
 ♥ Strawberry chocolate candies. They had to be very pretty and had pretty shapes and pink colors.But they all melted, so it what I got (Any ways, it tastes amazing, so so so good!♥):

 ♥ Potato chips with vegetable taste. Actually it has no sweet or salty taste. It has no taste, but it still has something inside that I like!
 ♥ DIY sea world jelly candies. It was very funny to do it by myself. I didn't know how to do firstly when I got it, but I found the video, so it's what I got:
  Very tasty pizza chips. Sooo gooood!

Little chocolate cookies! Amazing! Has so delicious taste!
 ♥ Lemon taste gummy candies. Really nice!
 Tiny grape candies. I really like the taste!

  100% natural juice from grapes gummy candies. 

 Coca-Cola chewing gums.
 ♥ Candies that have a taste like sodas.


  1. DIY Jelly candies look so fun! I think my cousin would be in love with this product.

  2. They look so tasty <3 . And the wrappings and designs are so cute! Just like many Japanese products.


  3. O man I cannot even imagine the sugar rush LOL!
    - Joy @ The Joyous Living

  4. Yum, all look very delicious, I love to try all, thank you for sharing!!!


  5. Which is better Pepsi or Coke?
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