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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Day 24 of A to Z challenge, It's the time for the letter U. I decided to use the word "useful" and to show things that are uiseful in my bag and try always bring with myself when I go somewhere and to show my new bag, but about it later!

1. Extra earring backs. I'm like a big fan of earrings really often lose my earring backs, so it's realy sooo important to have them in my bag.

Especially it's annoying when I go to a special event or want to take some photos of me where I wear these earring and *BOOM* I lose my earring backs and it destroys my look. So don't forget to bring extra backs for your earrings with yourself where you go, if earrings are important thing of your look.

 2 and 3. Note stickers and a pen. It's very useful when you need to write something important you've heard or it's good to use as a list of things to do for today or a list of things you need to buy. Very useful when you need to write somebody something that human needs like your phone, email or maybe even recipe. It can be everything!
 4.Taser. Actually the thing makes me feel so much more confident. I used this for homeless dogs a few times, cause on my street so many homeless dogs, mostly they don't care about people, but some of them can be really angry.
 5. Lipgloss. I always take a lipgloss with myseld them, cause my lips are really dry, Especially, if it's a bad weather outside, so it keep my lips soft and wet,
On the photo one lipgloss from Born Pretty Store and another one from AVON.
 6. Little bottle of a perfume. Who doesn't want always smell good?

And this is my bag I bought a few days ago in my favorite thrift shop. It was very cheap, I have no idea, cause it looks great. I seriously dreamed about a similar bag a long time. The side side that it's not summer bag and it will look strange if I will be wearing this in a warm season.


  1. Great post dear, love the earrings and bag <3

  2. Love the bag.

    I share some of the same necessities in my bag.

    I carry too much with me, really. Last week I decided it's time to clean it out. Apparently I think having a good pen with me at all times is a super necessity, because I ended up having twenty-seven of them in my bag. :) I scaled that back to three now.

    A Joyful Chaos

  3. Great post, lovely! I bought my first lip gloss the other day - usually wear lipstick so excited to try it out :)

    Joy @ The Joyous Living

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