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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Satuday's things list | A to Z Challenge

Hey! Hope your Sunday is great!
I've seen on a lifestyle blog a post with some questions, so I changed it a little bit and decided to give answers at them too.

As it's the time for ''S'' post for A to Z challenge, so I think it will be interesting to try something new, as this ''TAG''.
I chose Saturday, not Sunday, cause Sunday is not over yet and better to write about the day you already spent for giving more answers.

Mood of the day: Whole day I was very calm and dreamy, but very confident (usually not so much).
Thoughts of the day: About how quick the day is. I just woke up, almost did nothing and boom - the evening. Ah I don't like it.
To-do list for the day: To have fun ''home alone'' day, enjoy freedom and the first day of weekend. Just relaxing.
Obsession of the day: Healthy food, actually. Nothing more. It was too short time to have more obsessions.
Favorite food of the day One of my favorite salads - tuna, Chinese cabbage, tomato, a little bit of green onions, salt and olive oil. For this time I got a tuna that usually buy, so the salad was not the best I ate for this time.
Favorite drink of the day: Homemade cocoa. Probably my favorite drink ever.
Favorite thing that happened: That I was alone and free whole day until the late evening. I mean I'm free everyday mostly, but everyone needs a day like this, when nobody disturb you and you can to do whatever you want.
Worst thing that happened: Thanks to universe that nothing really bad happened, but I had some awkward situations haha. Like my phone turned on yet at the corner of my house, because it found Wi-Fi and when I turned off the screen, I accidentally clicked to turn the flashlight on, but haven't noticed this all my road and had no idea and even was confused why everyone is staring at my phone and some kids even laughed lol. A stranger said me this already when I was going to go back home. 
Wish of the day: I have some, like ice cream with coffee, but couldn't do this, cause still lave the problem with my thought and still a little bit sick (already so a long time aaagh).
Song of the day:
Lana Del Rey - Summer Wine.
OOTD: My gold warm jacket, light long sweatshirt with skyscrapers, jeans, new shiny sneakers, some new jewelries I showed too and my new bag I'll show later. I even wore my beanie. It became colder here again.
MOTD: I used my new lilac lipstick about which I wrote recently, mascara from Avon, shiny white and brown eyeshadows. Really liked my makeup yesterday, but forgot to take pictures.
NOTD: Used my nail polish that changes the color when temperature changes from Born Pretty Store.


  1. Oooo nail polish that changes with temperature that is wicked!!! That makeup palette is awesome too! <3

  2. Interesting post. I feel the same... saturday and sunday pass so fast. It's a pity!

  3. Very nice post, love the lip color and nail paint <3


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