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Monday, April 18, 2016

NEW JEWELRIES // HAUL | A to Z Challenge

Hello everyone! On Friday I got the parcel that really waited for so much. There were many different things I ordered, but I'll show you in this post the jewelries I got, and the beauty products in one of the next posts!
It was the time to buy jewelries, as recently many of my old ones were destroyed and became pretty old, so I decided to get some new jewelries.
One of the was this bright ring. When I saw it on the store I felt in love, as it look magical. I had no idea that in the real life it look the same. I can to say at this ring that it's a 3D ring, cause the sky that on the ring look soooo real and very bright. Everyone who already saw this ring said ''Wow!".
 Have I already said that I adore owls? So I got this cutie ring! By the way, all these rings cost only 99 cents.
 And finally I got the things that everyone got a million years haha - a choker. There were different types, but I chose with a planet. I love everything about sky, planets, stars and galaxy, so yeah, I love this one!
And one thing that I really waited for so so so much - this crystal necklace. Love how it looks, but it's pretty transparent. I ordered another color - bright violet with blue.


  1. I love the crystal necklace. I was looking for one, but here in Romania these aren't so popular. So I think I'll order one from the internet. Love your gold eye shadow too. Nice post!

  2. Amazing pics, I love this post!

    Alice Cerea,

  3. All of these are stunning, I adore the 1st ring! :O

  4. Pretty purple crystal and the band on the first ring
    Great job on doing the blog challenge. Keep up the great work! #AtoZChallenge


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