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Monday, April 4, 2016

April Wishes | A to Z Challenge

It's already April 4th, I had to start this challenge from the start of this month, but I decided to do only yesterday. I thought I'll do this yesterday in the evening, but I felt pretty bad, I hadn't a sleep whole night, only around 1 hour in the morning, so because of it I had a headache else and decided to sleep a little bit. Turned out it's not so easy when you had a pain in your head + your neighborhoods do very very very noisy rehab of their flat. At least, I ''rested'' a few hours in my bed. Also I ate a chocolate toast and it made my mood so much better, so I feel pretty good to blog.

I don't want to write a lot about this challenge, as you can to read all what's interested to you HERE
I just have to write 26 posts for this challenge to the end of April from using the letter ''A'' for the title of your first post (I gave the name ''(A)pril Wishes) to ''Z'' for the last post in this challenge.

So let's start finally to talk about wishes! I know that I write posts about my monthly goals pretty often, but I wrote about noticing that after first days of a month I start to forget them, so better to write weekly goals.
For this month I want to make something different - my April wishes. It's not goals, because sometimes we can't do whatever we want, so everything we can do in those situation is hope that everything will be as we want! So in this post are some of those wishes;)

It's the list of my wishes for April:

♥ I wish it will be sunny and warm on April. So tired because of that grey wet weather. Wish it will be sweater weather soon (I wore only a sweater yesterday and even saw some girls that wore light blouses, but it's too crazy, we have to wear warm jackets yet).

I wish I'll see more videos of Guns N' Roses concerts. I think already everybody know that almost all old band members are together again and will have many concerts this month. They had one in the club where they started 30 years ago, tickets were only 10$. I didn't believe in that, as it sounded too crazy and strange + it was April 1st, the day where we have no believe nobody, but then I've seen photos and videos and was shocked. Who haven't knew Guns N' Roses is my favorite music band, so their reunion for me is like one of the best things that could happened.

I wish my hamster will get better. It's already around a month when one bad thing happened - my mom didn't noticed that my hamster escaped and he was around her legs and she stood at him up. I don't know how happened that he's alive, but he had a broken one leg and heel on his back. He's so unlucky in health as me, because after a few days days when it happened, turned out that he had insects that bite him and me too, by the way. So hope something will get better.
I know that his leg will be like this always, but, at least I will hope that he will look more healthy. I want to cry everytime when I see that he wants run in his circle, but he can't, so he just stands near that circle and turns with his forepaws. It's so sad af.

I wish I'll have enough of an inspiration for creating more art things, as drawing this month. And writing posts, because writing posts with an inspiration are bad posts. Also I have ideas for some DIY projects, although I have no idea if I'll can do it.

Hope I will have a lot of funny day on the fresh air.

I wish I'll finish some businesses this month that had to finish a long time ago. It lasts so a long time and they're not so good, so I really will hope that they will finish finally. And I will free from all that negativity from the past.

I hope I'll cook some new dishes. It's pretty hard for me - a person that can cook only a pizza haha.

Hope I'll drink more of water and will eat fresh fruits and vegetables mostly this month.

Hope I'll make some good photos on April!

And I'll can do all 26 posts for this challenge. Hope I'll have enough of an creativity to have an ideas about writing posts where titles will start even with hard letters. Like what's about ''Z'' or ''Q''. Zoo and qwerty keyboard haha? It's pretty hard for not native speakers!

Little throwback to the end of April 2014 photos, ahhh this beautiful nature! Can't wait for days like this!

If you interested in this challenge to try something new, it can be helpful:
Letter Schedule [2016]
More information is on this blog:

Did you hear about this challenge? What's your wish for April?


  1. I am with you! I too wish it to be sunny and warm this April. So far no such luck though haha! Hopefully the nice weather is coming!

    1. I wish you will have it in a few dfays!

  2. Welcome!! Glad you joined the challenge. I wish for better health. Hope your hamster gets well fast!

    - Joy C for Charity

    1. I'm pretty late, but I'll try to make more posts on the start! Yeah, health is the main thing, I wish I'll a better one too! Thanks!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the hamster, I hope he recovers

    1. I hope at least a little, cause I see that it's hard for him, but he still looks so happy, like nothing hurts.

  4. Hope all your wishes come true dear! I also wish I could have more inspiration for my drawing, let's make it real ! :)



    1. Let's! I always have a problem like Idk what to draw...I think I need to check out more of drawings of talented artits.


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