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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


With my hamster that was tired of even afraid of the flash hehe.

Guys, do you write your goals for being more motivated and organized? If yes, do you do this daily, weekly or just one time before a month?
I do this monthly, but not every month. I always write them on the blog, as it motivate better than just write this on a notebook. Although I have problems with it:
1) I forget about some things I need to do;
2) I think that month is a lot of time and always to do this later, and later I again say later.
So I think if to write weekly goals, it will be work better, as now have less time, we need to be faster. We know that we need to do all these things in these few days. 

Some of my plans for the last week of the month:

Have a productive time in important businesses;
Workout everyday with a help of my new fitness apps on the phone;
To write one post a day, if it will be more, then it will be even better;
To write around a half of the posts I'm planning to write;
Learn languages;
To watch my series in English;
To watch other old movies I want (I'll write a post about this);
To be active, walk a lot, spent my time on fresh air so many time, as it's possible;
To try to cook something new and tasty;
Start reading Audrey's Hepburn book;
To took a lot of cool photos;
Not buy any unhealthy food.


  1. love checklists too! they help me a lot!!

  2. Great selfie, you look fab in red!

    1. Thank uuuu! Yes, I noticed it looks good with lipstick that similar to red.

  3. Estas super guapa en edte selfie!!!

    Guapi hoy necesito tu ayuda! Si puedes darle a la palabra roja de mi post te lo agradeceria!!

    Un besazo y feliz Semana Santa


  4. Wau, nice blog, i really like it! And great article and photos :). Would you like to follow each other? :)

  5. Your checklist is very inspirational. :)


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