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Monday, March 28, 2016


Goodnight!♥ Decided to write this second post today, as I have an goal to be active in blogging this week (since 7 days to April) and I already missed 2 days, so as it's the end of the weekend and this week I wanted to talk about this weekend and to show some photos that were taken these days. 

So this weekend was pretty short, especially, because today's day, it was a super short, although it was a good day with funny moments, but let's start from Friday's evening. I thought I'll spent as always - will watch the new episode of ''The bachelor'' on TV set, but I got the call from my dad that got the call from my sister lol. She said that my niece already miss us, so we quickly went to her, although it was the late evening. It was one cute moment, when Eva haven't seen us yet, as we waiting her outside and she said that already want to see as so much and one second later the door opened and she was really happy to see us - her godmother and grandfather. So we played whole evening, had a late walk and bought almost all things from one cool shop where are only food like sweets, cakes, tasty drinks... I know that I said that will eat more healthy at least a month, but, seriously, my dad bought a lot of tasty things, who can not eat them?
On Saturday sometimes I felt really bad, so I was home whole day, but it has the good side - I was very progressive in my goals, I even was a little bit proud of me. But I did everything quickly so I had a lot of the time to see the new episodes of the shows I missed on Friday. 
And finally today was really short, but still very positive day. My grandmother visited us, so I spent whole day with, we talked a lot, watched the funniest show and she even did a hairstyle for me. It's co cute!😊 Actually, I hate when people do hairstyles for me, as it hurts. But she did everything amazing. By the way, although it's not Easter today in my country, she baked the Easter cake for this day, so I had a mini-Easter too. What have you doing this Easter?🐇🐣🍞🌸🐝


  1. Amazing photos ! :)

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  2. Funny photos and your mini Easter looks great, better than mine ;)


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