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Monday, March 14, 2016


Bag is here:

Jewelries from here:

This weekend I was in the village, so it's the reason why I didn't blog these days. I just decided to go there to take some photos for the blog, because as I said a few days ago, that nobody can use my camera right, so the village is very comfortable place to took photos outside by myself. Also I wanted to spent time with nature and without internet + I was pretty tired of my home and wanted to go somewhere. Any ways, I didn't visit the village since the last September.
Nobody knew that it will so freaking cold. I took my summer t-shirt, new transparent cardigan that I found in the thrift shop (I'll show what I bought new in next posts), leggings... I really thought it will be warm, cause we have amazing warm weather already the weeks, and ''boom'' - it's cold as in the winter again. Only we don't have a snow, but I've heard that this week we can have it. It's crazy, cause we already have around temperature +20 a couple days ago!
Any way, I'm home in the city and I have a lot of plans for next posts! I think I have more time for this, as it's really so cold, so at least, for today I will be home the whole day and will take some photos for the blog and I just finally do some work after two days of relaxing.
What did you do this weekend? <3


  1. Cool look, that gold coat is pretty amazing!

  2. Cool look!)
    Have a nice day!

  3. I love your style, it's nice to seem something different that the usual these days.


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