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Friday, March 11, 2016


Hi! I thought I'll write in the morning today and even I had plans to write two posts today, but this morning something really bad, so it changed my plans.
My hamster escaped from his house and my mom didn't notice him and stand at him + she always wear slippers. He's alive, but I'm not sure about anything what's with him. I noticed that one of his leg is curve, so it's hard to go for him. I'm so sorry about it, but any ways, a leg is not so big deal. The main thing is if everything is okay with his viscera. Hope it is.
Now he acts as always, don't cries and I even stroked him, so he even mumbled. He always do it, when I stroke him, when he eats tasty food or he feels warm. So I hope he doesn't feel so bad.

I will hope that everything will be okay with Boo, but now I want to show you some my favorite shoes that I found. All are perfect for a spring and all are so cuuuute.
All this time I've wearing my winter shoes (by the way, I bought them from this site where I found all these cuties). I got one pair of shoes on March 8th, but they're still not so comfortable as my winter shoes, I've wearing them yesterday the first time.
So I really need at least one pair of new shoes for the spring and summer. This is my favorites from all shoes I found. All links below the pictures. Say me what pair is your favorite?

More cute clothes HERE.


  1. Wauw these are all so adorable!!

  2. I hope that everything will be fine with your hamster!
    This spring selection is great. Milk sneakers are my favorites!

    1. i hope too!
      yeah they're cute, although pretty weird!

  3. OMG!!!Love this post, as shoes addicted!!! are so originals and colorfuls!

  4. Wow! Love these beautiful shoes!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}


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