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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I'm very happy cause I got a parcel which I waited soooo muuuch. Inside of parcel were really awesome jewelries from Valentina Fashion ( their shop - ) . All jewelries like chains, cuffs are silver plated and beads are gold and silver. A bracelet looks the same as on the picture on their online store. There are pretty big choice of bracelets and they are soooo preeeettyyy, but this one is my favorite. Mostly because this bracelet will looks good with everything, with every style and it's perfect and for everyday and special days. Also how cool bead are in this bracelet. Their have many details - hearts, key, wings, chains... Better check out a picture here - cause their have better light than on my photos, although I tried to take good photos and to show all details. 
Let's start with the items I got with the main bracelet (the name of that bracelet is Cupid's Arrow)! I got:
Second bracelet- cuff (look very stylish and it will be perfect for the summer!);
Some beads and pendants;
Neck chain.
All items are are silver plated.
Very glad with all these stuff. Everything is awesome. I think everything will look great together.
With a help of beads and pendants I created a necklace and a second bracelet.
I think this bead looks  the best with my new chain. 
I took the closer photo, so now you see all details. Heart and flowers, nothing is cuter than this!
For the cuff I decided to choose all other beads and pendants. I love the fact that I can always add different beads to this cuff and get new look of this bracelet.
Now it's time for pictures of the main thing I really love so much. <3
More details:

But as I said better to see this HERE . There is a better lighter photo.
Another thing I adore about Valentina Fashion is that they care about our Earth and nature, All boxes and bubble wrap are 100% bio-degradable.
A portion of all proceeds from purchases are donated to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, a charity which works to save wildlife, protect wild places and connect people with nature.
Thanks to the brand for doing this! I wish all brands care about our planet!
Guys hope you like this post and items in it, in one of the next posts I'll show you how all these jewelries look on me! See ya soon! <3


  1. Love this gold and silver bracelet and I likethe idea that all boxes and bubble wrap are bio-degradable. Wehave to take care of the environment!

    1. +++
      Hope in the near future brands will care about it more!

  2. Love the charm bracelet!

    Michaella from

  3. Nice post Anna! Cute jewels could emphasize the look

    1. Yeah these ones are cute enough for this!


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