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Monday, March 21, 2016


I think workout helps to clean up all negative after a long day in our brains the best. Also walks are great too, but workouts are better, because sometimes we have a bad weather or meet people we don't want to see or something else, so sport is better.
I had not a very long but funny workout today while listened to my favorite songs recently. So music made even everything is better. I needed do it earlier! I had a bad mood a few hours and when I have bad mood, I don't want do anything (I think I'm not alone in this).
By the way, later I'll watch a few minutes of ''Laughs for gags''. Omg, I laughed a lot! I'll add some episodes I watched today in the end of this post!
Also spending a time with my hamster makes me feel so much happier. He's such a cutie. Now he needs my care as never before after that awful situation. He still has a hill on his back now, and his leg is broken;( + Turned out he has insects that bite his (and me too), but I bought a special shampoo today and everything started to be better.


  1. Que guapa! La chaqueta toene un color que te queda de maravilla!!look 10!!

    Un beso y que tengas buen comienzo de semana.


  2. the perfecct look and the perfect red touch!!

    Fiorella E.

  3. Looks divine. Great post!

    1. really hehe? It's just home quick photos;) thank uuuu ♥

  4. That's great indeed, and thanks for sharing. Greetings!


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