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Thursday, March 10, 2016


For me I'm the most NOT photogenic human ever. Mostly it's so hard to look good on photos for me, although sometimes I have days when every photo is good, but it's pretty rarely, mostly I had ''bad photo days'' (it's like bad hair day haha). It's pretty annoying, especially, if you're a blogger that post new photos almost every day.
Everytime I take photos for the blog, I take a lot of photos and choose only a few to post on the blog. 70% of photos are really bad and I delete them, but there are still some photos that aren't bad, but I never showed them. Reasons are different - something wrong with face on the photo, look fat on the photo, outfit looks bad on the photo (yeah, sometimes in real life I like a outfit, but on photos it can be looks too much or too boring and gray) or it had a bad quality (mostly). Sometimes I didn't post because I have to many of similar photos (I'm not a fan of posting 50 of almost similar photos in one post).


  1. I totally get what you mean about bad photo days. But these look great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Whhhhhhat you are really photogenic? I am absolutely loving the one in a bedroom in a flag top? That is stunning! You have a great eye with photography too I like how you capture a moment! Keep it up, you're talented and stunning! <3
    Harriet @ HASH Boutique x

  3. great pics! this hamster is so cute


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