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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Goodnight friends!!! I was busy whole day, so I got the time to write only now. Just wanted to show quickly some new things I bought the recent days.
Firstly I visited my favorite thrift shop. I just wanted to find a new sweatshirt. And I found - black, short and with shiny details on shoulders. It had the best price. By the way, it's DIVIDED for H&M. It's not the first item from them already that I found in that thrift shop.
 I haven't searching for the next item, just found, felt in love and bought. Actually, I just love transparent cardigans to wear with shirts for summer. They're so girly and I feel so comfortable when wear them.
I think this one is pretty unusual ad interesting. It's from Amoretti. Never heard about this brand, but sounds cool haha.
 What's about beauty products, I've seen in my local shop this nail polish. It seemed so shiny and bright, I very like the colors.
But turned out it's pretty transparent + have green shade and has very short lasting. I thought it will be better. Any ways, I try to mix it with other nail polishes when will do a manicure the next time and maybe it will be looks good.
 + In that shop I bought a new foundation for me. It's from Classic. I have the lipstick from this brand. 
It has some useful things for your skin, like a BB creams and I already noticed this. 
I only don't like that's pretty pink, I needed an another color. But if to wait a few seconds it will become almost the color of your skin, but I will mix it with lighter foundation, any ways.
It covers everything perfect!


  1. I absolutely love thrift stores as well. You can get some great things at amazing prices. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. All is nice!

    Kiss from Italia


  3. Loving those glitter nails and those thrift store finds!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  4. Love the black top and this glitter nail polish is so cute.

  5. Great proucts! My favorite one is the black sweatshirt. Love its metallic details!


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