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Monday, March 7, 2016


When the last autumn was starting I wrote a post about the brightest moments from my previous autumns. I love that post, it's pretty inspired and makes to want me autumn, so I decided to create a similar post about the spring. I had an interesting spring the last year. I had a lot of fun and troubles, but it never was boring. That spring change many important things.  I'll try to make more photos this spring , but it's my favorites from the spring 2015:

March 8th was really an amazing day... I think even a perfect day! That day had many surprises. I spent that with my friends and closest relatives later. I don't believe that was one year ago!
 In the end of the March I lost my phone and fortune with it, because after that day I started to have a lot of different troubles. It was like a black line in my life. Everything was wrong. I felt so unlucky haha. Photos from that evening, while everything was okay:
The big part of my last spring was a coffee with ice-cream lol. I've drinking that almost everyday! So tasty! Want it again! Mmm!
Some of my spring outfits:

 The spring is the time for holidays and birthdays of mom and granmother!;)

 Easter holidays in the village with my niece:
 Easter cake. By the way, this year Ukrainian Easter only on May 1st.
 Love spring season because in the spring this is my view from the window:
 I had chickens in my flat two weeks in the last spring. It was funny time.
 A day in the village.


  1. Estas muy guapa en todos los looks. El pajaro me ha enamorado!!!

    Hoy necesito otra vez un empujon con el blog ¿Puedes darle a la palabra roja del texto de mi post? Mil gracias. Besos!!!

  2. Great post doll, love the pics!

    Alice Cerea,

  3. You look so pretty hun love all the pics


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