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Friday, March 18, 2016

I wanted to become...

It's not hard to find me on the photo - I wear the white hat there. I look here even younger than my niece Eva, so I think I'm 3 here.
Also it's funny that it looks like it's a spring and I wore the Christmas sweater. My mother always dressed me very strange lol, although everyone on the photo are dressed strange, maybe it because it were 90s.

Yesterday I decided to write a post already this ''morning'', as I had plans to write another post, but plans destroyed and as always with me happened one not good situation yesterday, so I hope I'll decide everything today. Anyways, I have a lot of work! But firstly, I wanted to talk about our childhood dreams about who we wanted to be in the future. What was your dream job then?
In my early childhood I was not too original, I wanted to become a princess, as probably 95% of little girls. I don't know what I meant when I've dreaming about becoming a princess. Probably, I meant living in a huge pink castle, wearing luxury dresses everyday, having an own pegasus and ruling everyone haha. Oh I forgot about a prince... although I think I was more exited about an own pegasus. Nothing changed...
I remember how have doing tattoos for my dad every evening when he went home from his job. I've drawing dragons, mostly, hehe. I always was interested in tattoos and dreamed about a few tattoos. I think even then I dreamed about to become a tattoo artist. P. S. after I made my first tattoo in 2013 I started to dream about this again and even I wanted to go the artist's courses, but later some things happened that destroyed my plans and I just forgot about this.
I think the main dream of my childhood to become a singer. Were the times when I with a few my friends have singing everyday different songs. There was one girl that sings amazing (she singed on a scene and studied at a million of different singing and not only courses), a few girls that sings ok and even good sometimes, so they had normal usual voices and me with hm... the usual voice. The girls said that I have too weird voice, so better if they will sing without me and I will just listen them (after that time I started to hate my voice). Girl that singed the best gave an advice to dream about something that I do good. 
And I got a new dream - to become a makeup artist. Everybody have saying me that I do makeups really good and I have doing makeup every evening for my mom, sometimes for my grandmother, sister and even dad. But one day that girl that sings good destroyed my another dream too haha. I already wrote about this situation on the blog - she just said that going to become a singer - superstar and I will be her personal makeup artist. I felt so pity, as I wanted to be a superstar too, not a personal blahblahblah for a superstar. So that girl destroyed my dream again.
And my last childhood dream job was a fashion designer. I have drawing own designs of clothing (it was awful), created catalogs for my brand with a help of papers and pencils haha. Also I went to design course for two years.
It was funny to write this post, I remembered a lot of thing from my childhood, hope it was interesting for you!


  1. Aw so weird as a kid you have so many hopes and career choices then when you get older everything just changes

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Is this weird? My niece is 5 and she already had a million of different dream jobs.

  2. Me encantan las fotos antiguas de cuando eramos pequeños. Son un bonito recuerdo!!

    Feliz sabado, un besazo


    1. Yeah, earlier before my teenage years, I looked at my old photos every week lol

  3. I've loved reading this nice post!



  4. As a child I always wanted to become a princess or a mother! I guess one of those things can still come true someday :)


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