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Monday, March 7, 2016

How looks a perfect woman

 Hello guys! Recently it was pretty hard to blog for me, cause I have everytime when I want to write a new post, something happens and I can't write a post anymore after it. 
I have a million ideas of blogposts, anyways, so I'll try do everything is good. I already tried many times, but I don't like results, so I better try more times again, but it will be good;)

Anyways, I've seen interesting information, maybe somebody haven't seen this yet, so it can be interesting.

British portal Escentual conducted a study among their audience and find out how ''should'' looks a perfect woman.
In the study, thousands of people in the UK of both sexes were asked to choose the best, in their opinion, parts of faces of recognized beauties - famous actresses, singers and models - for creating the perfect female face.
Turned out that woman and man have different, but everyone agreed that the most perfect eyes has Mila Kunis and the most perfect face shape has Megan Fox. The interesting fact that mostly men prefer blonde hair women, while woman like brunettes more.
So you can see how should look a perfect woman below:
Although I agree about that almost all parts of the faces of these celebrieties are really look good, but as you see, if they all on one face it doesn't looks so perfect anymore. It looks too much for me.
For me any of these woman doesn't look pretty, although first one is prettier... but it's only my opinion. I think that the second looks like a typical girl with big lips and that post only selfies on her Instagram.

We all know that perfection doesn't exist, everyone see what's perfect and what's in their own way.
Anyways, do you like how look these ''perfect women''?


  1. It's always interesting to see these kinda things. The overal image doesn't look perfect to me at all if you combine everyone's features with eachother. It looks more like a robot to me.
    There are lots of studies on the topic, but in my opinion perfection is far from beautiful. I think it's a little wrong too that we're trying to find out the 'perfect woman or man'. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way :)

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

    1. Yeah as I said perfection doesn't exist, you can be very pretty, but somebody will not like you, anyways;)

  2. there's no such thing as the perfect woman, just pretty women.

  3. Interesting post. In my opinion, first one is prettier than the second one, but they're too much for me.

    1. It's exactly what I said. I'm glad you like it!


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