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Sunday, March 27, 2016


Coffee with ice-cream is probably the best thing in the world haha. I missed it. I have doing this drink really often the last summer.

Hey guys. I thought I'll be more active, but who knew that I will be feel bad the recent days? But today I'm okay... or at least I'm pretty active and have a lot of energy while yesterday I wanted to sleep whole day + a few time a day I had really strong pain in my stomach. I think it's because of some not good for our health chemical drinks. I need to drink something more natural. But in the evening I did a great workout and felt better and my became good after that too. So yeah, sport is the great thing!

By the way, today's sooo sunny, although it's only around +5 C. The sunny weather makes me to dream about the summer or at least about a warm weather. I don't want that time will fly too fast, I just want warm and more sunny days. So tired of the strong wind, grey sky and my winter jacket. Can't wait for the days when I'll can to wear my tops with the light cardigan, like these ones on the photos. Probably it's my favorite t-shirt, I love this unusual design. Many people do compliments because this t-shirt and even once one girl wanted to stole this t-shirt haha. Seriously. In the summer all my clothes dry on the air fresh and one girl almost stole this t-shirt, but my mom spoke with our neighbors around our house and noticed her. It's pretty strange situation, never thought that people can to steal clothes of other people. I've heard about that it happens with the phones, money, jewelry... but clothes, seriously?
Any ways, mostly of you have Easter day today, so congrats! Hope you have a lot of chocolate bunnies and eggs an have fun with your closest people! In Ukraine this year Easter will be on May, so my Easter won't be so soon!;)


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  3. great post!! love your t-shirt ;)

  4. you look very beautiful

    Happy Easter

  5. Such a cute t-shirt! Love your lace cardigan too!


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