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Friday, February 12, 2016

You Probably Don't Know...

I didn't write something about myself a long time, so I think it's time to talk some facts about you (probably) didn't know. I will wonder if you know something from these things I wrote, so let's know each other better!

... I live in the town Khmelnytskyi. It's the west of Ukraine. Not very big city, but not little one, one of the main 24 cities of Ukraine. I've heard that my on 19th place or something like that;) About 300 000 humans live here and by the way here almost everyone speak Ukrainian language (cause it's the west), mostly people in Ukraine speak Russian language (I think around 70+% of population).

 ... I'm fan of ''Twilight'' movies and become angry at people when they say they are bad movies. I love everything there - story, actors, music, that vibe, places where it's filmed... ''Twilight'' is perfect thing to watch in a rainy free day!

 ... And I need to say that I'm fan of rains too. Summer light rains make want to leave my home to go to walk somewhere. Also I adore the sound of a rain when I sleep. It relax me so much. 

 ... Everytime I play video games I worry about that I will ''die''  very very really very much. I can't do anything with this, so it's the reason why I play in games where nobody can ''kill'' you.

 ... Before I started to use the Internet I played Sims and GTA everyday with my sister and her boyfriend (now husband). Also once my sister Luda gave me some the Barbie video games for my birthday and we played that a lot. Her husband loved to play Barbie games the most lol. Also I loved Sonic, but it was pretty hard to play for me then and I was afraid that I'll die in the game, so yeah...

  ... At this moment, I haven't any friends and suspect that even never had real ones. I still miss and even love my old ''friends'', but I see they have so much more fun now without me and don't miss me anymore, it makes me pretty sad.

  ... I was going to buy a dog, but turned out it's pretty dangerous to have a dog in the place I live, as here are lot of homeless dogs on the streets and they become very angry when feel that you have a dog. But I'm sure that one day when I will live in the place where are not so many homeless dogs, I'll get a dog!

  ... I dream to have a lot of pets and even an own horse... My favorite animal and I already said this probably not one time that this animal saved my life. I mean they made my health so much better. And probably I will never could go without them.

  ... So as you see I'm big dreamer and dreamed about ''unreal dreams'' all the time I remember myself, but I'm from that humans that not only believe in their ''dreams'', but know that everything can happen if you work for this with all your heart and you don't worry about if it will happen or no - you just need to know that it will happen. So I like it call goals more than dreams.

 ♥ ... Almost all my wishes (not dreams) are becoming true really very quickly. Sometimes a few minutes or even seconds, I think it's a power of thought or something like that. Cause it seems like something unreal, strange and magical.

 ... I love different divinations. I know it's not a good thing and not always true cause our fate is always changing because of our ways we choose to go next. All my grandmothers loved doing this, so don't judge me, it's in my blood haha.. And they have doing for other people too, I was doing it too in my childhood for my friends... just for fun, but turned out that everything always become reality everytime I've doing that.

 ... A few years ago I with my friends decided to invoke a spirit... and we did it. Everyone were shocked and scared so much, that spirit wrote strange things that we didn't understand and answered everytime when we gave questions. I forgot almost everything, but I remember that it said about our future jobs. To one my friend it said that he will be a programmer and he already is a programmer and study to be a better programmer and I got it only now... To other my friend it said that she will be a designer, now she study only, so I don't know what about her. And to me it said that I will be a singer that made to be shocked, cause being a singer was my the main childhood dream about which then I already forgot and even never thought then, as I dreamed already to be a designer of clothes that year. So let's see, but it make me laugh, cause I think I have the worst voice in the world haha.


  1. OMG I can't even pronounce the city you are from but its so cool!!! I love the fact that I get to speak to so many ladies from all over the world

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Actually I even can't explain how we actually say on our town in Ukrainian language, cause in English we haven't some letters that sound like we need for this word.
      Yeah, it's one of the most interesting things about blogging!

  2. Hi, again!, dear Anna Alina I was away for some weeks and now I am back! I think this is such a great post! I love divinations too and this about the spirit, wow! I know what you feel about your friends, but you will have real friends in real life, not on the web, for sure. And everyone is in our lives fr a reason, so when the reason is completed, they go. Then other person come for the next reason. You will see that one day! Hope you are fine!

    1. Oh hi Denice!!! I was thinking about you today, I think I felt that you will text me!;)
      You made me feel better, I'll hope that all are true!

  3. I wasn't' the biggest fan of those movies but I liked most of them. A lot of people did try to make it seem like it was the worst movie ever.

    1. It's what I talked about. A lot people say that they're the worst ones, it's confusing me what a reason to hate it so much.

  4. All these facts were so interesting. Feel like we know you more now! x


  5. aw that was such a cute post! I really enjoyed the Twilight movies too :) and don't worry too much about your friends, everything happens for a reason and I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who love you! :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  6. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  7. Interesting post! I love hearing the rain when I'm going to sleep but, unfortunetly, in Barcelona this fact is so difficult.


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