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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Already a few days as snow in my town is melted and autumn is back or spring. Looks more like early spring.
Honestly I don't remember the time when here was so warm in February! Something wrong with weather, but I love it. I'm so glad that here isn't any ice on the roads or very low temperature. Recent days we have really a perfect weather... at least, for winter haha. I remember how I went to walk on Valentine's Day two years ago and everything was melting, but in the evening on my way to home everything was in ice and although I was only around 0,5 km from my house I needed to bring a taxi, because it was really very ice everywhere. And this year it's warm haha, but I have no idea what will be in 10 days, when will be this holiday, so it's still can be cold, as the winter is not over yet.
So these days make me to be more energetic and do more useful things, but any ways I relax enough and here are some my favorite things that help me in this.
 Hot chocolate ''Quick Cao'' . It's amazing! This is from Poland and you can mix it with hot and cold water or milk, so you don't need to wait while your water will become hot enough and later colder for drinking e.t.c.
Love this chocolate taste! By the way, there are 500 g in package, so it will be for a long time, but still is so cheap.
 Also I found ice cream taste of ''Schogetten'' chocolate. There a mix of usual chocolate and white one + something else that I don't know what is it.
I'm fan of this chocolates sinnce the a
utumn, they have always so cool unusual tastes!
 By the way around a month ago I tried to find The Sims 3 All seasons, but everywhere that was sold out and two days ago I just found this in the shop where I bought my earphones. I even haven't searching for this. So happy that I've seen this. It's very interesting I already had a Halloween and summertime parties, soon I'll try Christmas day! Can't wait!
 As I said else I bought new earphones, cause I broke my last ones so people recommended these ones .
Any ways I have the guarantee for one year so it will stop to work, people in the shop will make this work again.
I really love the sound but  they are typical earphones that not very comfortable. All earphones are too big for me haha.
Continue the theme about sweets (Don't get me wrong - I didn't eat something sweets almost from Christmas, so it's okay). I found this cute pretty doughnut and although this is not the same as it's on the photo, but taste is amazing. The best doughnut I ate. Especially I love that jam inside. It's just woooow!


  1. Omg Sims haha obsessed with that game
    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Me too a little bit, especially, when I just bought new game, but later I forget bout this for months.

  2. My wife liked Sims 2 but she never got into Sims 3

  3. Great things to do :)

  4. You make me want to play the sims 3 and eat sweet things lool.

  5. Hello! I really like you blog! it's so inspiring! If you'd like to follow me on BLOGVIN im Kaurzeye. Thanks! Keep bloging! xoxo Kauzeye

  6. Hot chocolate is one of my favorite drinks for winter. It look like ColaCao or Nesquick because you can prepare it with cold or hot milk/water.
    It's delicious!

  7. Sim is so fun! Great picks!

  8. Hot chocolate and the Sims seems like ages ago! Oh, I want both now, haha! Great post! xxx

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot


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