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Monday, February 15, 2016

Tips That Help To Become a Morning Person

After the New Year's eve I started to wake up really late, but recently a little bit earlier, but now my goal is wake 1,5 hours earlier than now I do. So I wanna talk about some my favorite ways how to make a morning easier and better.
  • Make your bed after you woke up or you will be sleepy all day. It really works!
  • Open your blinds before you go to sleep. To wake up in a light room so much easier that in a dark one. Sunlight is so inspirational!
  • Think about your the biggest dreams in the morning. You can't gain them in your bed, so that will make you to wake up!
  • Wake up with your favorite musiс, never use an awful loud music at your alarm clock. Those sounds make a morning to be the worst thing ever!
  • Drink your favorite drink in the morning, like a hot chocolate or a smoothie that make us to be not so sleepy.
  • Eat a little bit of chocolate in the morning. Great motivation to wake up! Actually it's the best time to eat something sweet if you don't want gain a weight.
  • Remember about your today's goals that you really want will happen!
  • Do a 2 minute workout. It helps to wake up and very good for your health and beauty.
  • Face masks help a lot!
  • Have a favorite morning show. Actually shows like ''Good Morning , ''any country''!'' are very interesting, they have very interesting positive facts, news (sometimes I eve use an information from those shows for blogging). Also they are giveaways often, mostly, everyday, so you can win something. My sister won around 5 times or more already. The last time is today. Probably she's really lucky at this haha.
  • Or a cartoon... In the place where you live, cartoons on TV only in the morning too?
Which your favorite way to wake up easier? And are you a morning person or not?


  1. These are actually really great tips! And I have found that having something sweet in the morning makes me crave sweet stuff less for the rest of the day :)

    1. Ah really? Maybe it will work for me too!

  2. I could never sleep with an open window. I'd always be paranoid about someone watching.

    1. I'm a little bit too, but there are light outside, while in my room it's really very dark , so it makes me feel more safe!

  3. Lying in my bed all day is my biggest dream... I'm joking!!
    Thanks for all this tips. They're really useful for me. I'm a really lazy person.

    1. Really? When I read your blog, I think you are not a lazy person!

  4. As of late I've become such a non morning person and I actually hate it. Everyday I intend on getting up early and of course I do if I have work but I find it so hard to get up if I'm working a later shift or it's my day off as I usually stay awake pretty late at night. Hopefully some of your tips can help me to become better at being a morning person again.


  5. Wonderful tips! I am SO not a morning person!

  6. Great posts! I haaaate waking up early!



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