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Friday, February 26, 2016

#Throwback to ... | 6 months ago

Today I'm testing my new flash for the camera, I think I'll write about it more in next posts. Just need to take a little bit more photos, I want to try  take photos of me, how it will be look with the new flash. Now I don't like the result when I use it for taking pictures of people or something that moves. It's not so strong, as my old one. I'll try to take other photos and to write more about it. It's can be useful for someone who's going to buy a similar flash.

But now I wanted to share with you this throw back posts. Turned out that on August 26th - a half of the year ago I took these photos with my one and only niece Eva! ...Okay, okay I have an another nieces, but Eva is a daughter of my only sister Luda and also I'm not only an aunt for Eva, I'm her godmother too. She is my only godchild yet.
She adores to take photos with a tripod, a remote and do funny faces and poses haha. We have do it more this year, cause it's really funny process and I love how alive photos look! Also they make me miss Eva, although I visited her and she visited me a few days. I even took some photos of her with a new flash, I'll show you tomorrow (but I will just try, not promise, cause everytime, when I promise to make a post about something on the next day, it's not happen).


  1. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  2. Hello! This blog is so good! It looks amazing! You're a very good photographer, how long have you had your blog? I'll definitely read it again - followed! Would you mind following me back on ? Thank you so much!!! Xxxxx

    1. Ah thank uuu !! Actually, I have no idea, cause I had other blog before, had blog breaks, I have an archive from 2013 here.

  3. Lovely photos!

  4. Eva is so beautiful and her eyes are stunning! I must buy a new camera because I have a really bad one and mi pictures are horrible!


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