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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Testing My New Flash Light For Camera

So about one month ago I got my new flash light for the camera. It's has a round shape and you have to wear around camera's lens. I bought on a online store, so I have no idea how actually looks photos with this flash, but I've seen a million of really good comments about this item, so I decided that it's what I searched for.
So when I got it around two weeks I tried to take good photos with it, but all what I got blurry, too blue an it had a bad quality. I tried to change a lot of different options, ISO, white balances on my camera but still it looked not so good as with my old flash. It really has a very soft light, while my old one has strong light. You can see difference on the photos below. This photo I took in the dark room.
It can be looks good for things that are close to the flash, but other things look really dark. It's really bad for taking pictures of people (actually for thing I bought it...), cause as you on the photo number one below I was not too close to the flash and it actually looks almost like I don't use a flash.
Also I bought it because I've seen it will help not having ''red eyes'' effect, but turned out that I even had more ''red eyes'' with new flash than with old one.
Other thing I thought I'll get with this flash light - ''pretty eyes'' effect. Hope you understand what I mean, cause I don't know how to explain. I mean like cook rounds in eyes that look really cool and pretty. Many bloggers have it. I thought this flash give this effect. I'm confused.
By the way, it's bad for portrait photos because else if you're close to the flash, you'll get blue or very white face or dark and bad skin...

So yeah it's not what I expected to get from this flash. Also it's pretty hard to take photos with it, cause many photos look pretty blurry. So yeah, maybe I will use it sometimes (actually it can be good for some things).
This flash have almost the same effect like ''without a flash'' photos but a little better, it corrects a color, make this to be more white color and to be more bright, also it add to the photos contrast.
But I can use it the same way as my old flash, cause it has too soft light.


  1. I think the new flash would be great to take really bright pictures or for landscapes when it's dark outside! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Hmmm I dont know, actually, I think it's bad in taking photos in darkness, as the light of this flash is weak. So it will be look too dark. Plus it's so bad for landscapes, as this flash works only for things that are close.
      Maybe you mean my old flash light?

  2. You should use this more often to get the functions right. I like the first and the last photos taken with it :D

    1. It's not impossible to use it even more often haha. I did it often, but all what I can say that this light is really too soft and weak and I can't change this.

  3. Your flashlight must be cool. I have got the one in my camera built in, and I'm satisfied with it so far.

  4. it does look better, I hate when flashes get annoying. Like making someone look like a ghost. Then without it the picture is too dark to tell anything

    1. I think my old flash doesn't make me look like a ghost. Any ways, I can change the brightest every moment. While new one looks like I took photos without flash and it's hard to take photos with it.

  5. Love the watch - so unique! And that wall decor is perfect! So cute.


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