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Monday, February 22, 2016


Heeeey guys. I'm finally here after three days blogging break. I just hadn't my camera and when I got it, I got problems with my computer too and I had a strong headache, so everything didn't give me to blog. 
As I got my camera back I decided to train taking photos with my new flash and got not bad photos finally and I need to train to take portraits with new flash. It's a bit harder. So in this posts you can to see how photos look.
I want to show some my favorites. One of them is my eye-shadow palette from . I showed it before. It's super shinny and bright, but if to take them only a little bit and mix, you can get a pretty light color. I mix brown colors and white one and get light and shiny makeup. I want to show some favorite makeup I do recently, so I think I'll do it in the closest future.
My newest thing is a lipliner from Flormar. I bought it a few days ago when I was looking for not bright lipliner of natural color. 
Actually it has almost the same color I wanted, a little bit brighter. Any ways I really love it, I love using lipliner, it change all face and make me look a little bit older.
Mascara from . Firstly, I love the design, the cutest I ever seen! Not the best mascara I had, but I really love this one! Effect is really nice!
Aloe gel for oily skin. I don't gain a weight when I eat not healthy food, but when I eat it, my face become being really bad, so already about two weeks I have really bad skin, so I'll to the shop to find a daisy gel, as I remember that helped a lot a few years ago. But then I had more a normal type of skin, now it's more oily and I learnt that a daisy gel is better for dry skin, so decided to choose this aloe skin. And it really works good for my skin.
BB cream / Foundation from . I love everything about it, it cover good, no mask effect and not too bad for your skin. Even makes it a little bit.


  1. Love this super shinny palette and this mascara is super cute!

  2. Loving these shimmery shades! Such a beautiful palette.

  3. Jéého tá špirála vyzerá cute v tom obale :))

  4. Love the eyeshadows...and mascara is a must have on our beauty-case!

  5. That's quite a makeup recommendation. The Macely brand looks interesting.


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