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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hey, good any time of the day! Here's almost a midnight. The most comfortable time for me to write posts on the blog. Mostly all posts at least recently are written around this time. 
Today I want just quickly to show my favorite and last item that I bought - this is bag from .
I had a bag that have wearing almost everyday recent almost two recent years, I still love that bag, but it became to destroy a little bit and I became to be tired of the same bag almost everyday, so I ordered this one.
For this time I decided to bring black one, as before I had mint one and that color doesn't look great with everything.
Honestly, I thought that bag will be bigger, at least there will be a place for my camera (I have a big one), but turned out that's no place for it, so I still need a bigger bag.
But this one is very nice for everyday when you need only some important things, any ways, this bag is not very small, it's normal.
I'm in love with a design of this bag, it's so rock'n'roll! I looove it! I love sculls in my closet and have many of it. Especially, I love big one, as it looks really beautiful and shiny, when light is enough good.
Also a trinket on the right side looks pretty here. 
You can wear this bag of two ways and it's so comfortable.
You can find this bag here :


  1. The bag is very nice and I like your taste. However, it would not be for me. I only carry a very small purse that fits inside my pocket. At my age, yo do not need much. I do not have a cellphone either. Thanks for dropping by to say hello.

  2. Fabulous bag

    Love Vikee

  3. This bag rocks! Love the skull details. Its size looks perfect for every day.

  4. cool! I used to have a similar one with skulls etc...about 5 or 6 years ago so i can only love that one :)


  5. I liked the bag.
    She is well rock'n'rol and super stylish.
    The size is perfect and the details highlight the model.


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