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Sunday, February 14, 2016


I thought I'll write this post last evening or this morning, but as always something went wrong and I'm writing this only now, when it's pretty late night.

I saw already a few times in the blogs where bloggers write different facts about their pets. It's even already looks like a TAG. I enjoyed of reading those posts, probably, because I like animals, so I think I really needed to make a this post, at least, because my hamster deserves it and it will interesting to read after a few years.
Recently when I've cleaning I found my old notebook where I've writing my thoughts about my day and facts about my friends and my family in 2007-2009. So yeah, I was always ''blogger'' that write about my life haha. So there were some facts about my parrot and hamster, both escaped a million years ago and I remember about them almost nothing now, but you know, how sometimes it can be interesting to read old things you forgot!
So I got my hamster as a present from my cousin that had the neighbor that bought this hamster for their kids, but after a week ( or a little bit more ) of playing with the hamster, as for typical kids the hamster became boring for them, so the neighbor of my cousin just asked all other neighbors if someone want a hamster, so my cousin just called me, as she know I love animals. 

I got him 28.08.14, so it's will be 1,5 years in a few days. Honestly it feels like he was with me all my life...

I had no idea if it's a girl or boy many months, while my internet friend asked me who is it and helped me and now I know that a boy. 
Although I always had a feeling like it's a boy, I even don't know why. Just felt this.

He had a name Boo / Busya, I even don't know even why I gave this name to him. I just feel that his name.

I always call him ''mouse'', although it's hamster, just because he already knows this word and reacts at it.  

Also he understands what means ''go home'', he really goes home everytime when I say it.

He never bites anybody, but he kisses everyone a lot and it's sooo cuuute.

Sometimes he bites ''easy'' for fun. We have a game that people usually with dogs or cats only - he lies on the back and stroke his belly and he try to catch my fingers to lick and easy bite them, as dogs usually do.

He is super photogenic, on every pic he looks great, no unlucky photos, he even looks so much better on photos than in real life. Ah I can only dream about it.

Everytime when I take photos of him he stops to move and look at a camera like he knows what I'm doing, so he's a perfect model.

Do you have any pets? It will be really interesting to know for me!

 Photos from some fun and just cute moments with him.


  1. Honestly looks so cute!! I used to have one a few years back called bugsy. Absolutely adorable Xx

  2. I always figured he was a boy

  3. Ja mam w domu 4 koty,ale żaden nie jest tak do końca mój ;)

  4. This is so beautiful, adorable. Pets add so much to our lives. I’ve had two cats which are extremely special to me- one when I was growing up and one which I have now. I consider both of them my best friends.

  5. Oh my goodness he is so cute! I miss my little hamster now. Love the blog btw!

  6. aww this melted my heart! <3
    hope your doing well



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