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Thursday, February 25, 2016


Hello bloggers and blog readers!!! As you know, it's already the last days of winter 2016 and soon will be the sunny and warm spring. Even the weather in my town is almost like in the spring, so it's really a good time to learn new trends before spring clothing shopping.
Of course, every season we have a million of different trends, so I decided to choose my favorite ones only. 
My favorite thing in fashion that it helps me to explore cool and new things for me. I always choose only a few trends I like and wear it, but better do it before it start doing whole city. When everybody wear the same clothing, it look really weird and I feel not comfortable in that clothes, so I prefer to wear my favorite trends on the start of a new season. What's about you? What's fashion for you?

So my favorite trends this season:
Slip dresses, diadems, Spanish girl style, rock style, long earrings, sequins, military print, open shoulders, metallic color, unusual businesses clothing, bomber jackets, net, pastel colors, flowers, leather jackets, chiffon, light long dresses, royalty style, strips.

What's your favorite trend?


  1. Fantastic blog! :) I follow you :)

  2. The pictures are so amazing that I can't decide myself for one only! Ok, so I love the trends, but some I have been wearing non-stop for years. For ex., diadems, Spanish girl style, military print, open shoulders, metallic color, pastel colors, flowers, leather jackets, chiffon, light long dresses, royalty style and stripes, all very amazing! My favorite ones. I loved the black and white no shoulder top and a pastel ruffled floral dress, so sweet!

    1. Yeah this season we have a lot of nice trends!

  3. Great impressions! I am so looking forward to this time of the year. I love the off shoulder trend and the pastel trend very much.
    ♡ Kristina


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