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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


A lost the midnight - favorite time to write on the blog hehe. Actually I just decided that want to talk about my new mascara I got only in the evening today, later I take a photos of the mascara, did my makeup, took photos and edited them and boom, it's night!

By the way, yeah, I know that recently I write posts about beauty products mostly, but it's because I got new products then, but now I'm not going write posts like those a few weeks at least probably. I can't be sure! 

So back to mascara - it's really the cutest mascara in my life, so when I've seen this, I was like ''OMG I need this in my life!'' lol. I loved the design of a mascara, but I have no idea what's about the quality of that. Really good that on are reviews and I've read them, I decided that I want it.

Actually everything about this mascara is perfect, so I even don't know if I'll could find what I dislike.
Firstly, I thought this has a small size (it really looks like it's a mini-mascara), but no, turned out that it has 10g, while 6-7g in mascaras I usually use (AVON, ORIFLAME mostly).
It makes lashes to be maximum long and thick if you use two layers.
Very comfortable to use. 
Although this mascara is not from those types of mascaras I use mostly, it's one of my favorite ones that I had. So if you're looking for new mascara, then this mascara is HERE (link). I think you will like it. 


  1. Wow, this mascara is so cute and looking quite impressive! Kisses <3

  2. you look pretty!!the mascara look cute<3


  3. I looove this product! It looks fantastic on you!

    1. Actually it's hard to show like it looks on me, in real life it looks better, thanks!;)


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