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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blogging Goals For The Near Future

Just random photos from the blog.

Recently I have thoughts that my blog is not what I want it was. So many things I want to do, change... For me it's hard when I had even a little blog break for a few days, because after those breaks I become lazy to write new posts, take photos, do something for the blog, so it's why I need to write often. Sometimes I feel like I'm not moving in the blogging, like everything always is the same. Sometimes it's stealing my inspiration to blog. It's hard to take yourself in the hands and take first steps to the goals.
So I think this post will be my big motivation to gain blogging goals, as now you will know them.
  • Write posts (good ones) as often, as it's possible.
  • To read other blog more often. It really inspires to blog so much, when you see really interesting blog.
  • Don't be lazy in photography and to try to take many good photos.
  • To make photography skills better. 
  • To write about my days more often. At least, for myself, although I noticed that these types of posts are so much popular than some other ones, so... I just love to re-read these posts and it makes me remember what I have doing, feeling and to feel it again. Especially cool to read about happy days!
  • To write food recipes. I'm doing it really rarely and nothing serious, so probably I'll do something in the next days if I will have some ideas!
  • To write posts about making some DIYs and other art things!
  • To write posts about my opinion about different themes. It's interesting to tell your opinion and to know what other think about it.
  • To write more different tips and useful posts.
  • To write ''Inspirational day'' posts. Maybe somebody remember what I mean... Those posts really inspired me while I've writing them and gave me a good mood.
  • To finish all posts I'm going to write.
  • Don't write without inspiration.
  • To try find new readers. Mostly on Bloglovin, other social medias doesn't works as good for my blog, as this. It's easiest way to follow your favorite blogs. I love that there is a new thing that you can write a wort in the search and you will find the latest posts with this world in the article. I noticed it helps to find new readers.
  • Don't forget about posts  ''My week summary'' and ''My goals for a month''. It's such a big motivation!
  • To try not be too lazy in blogging, as it doesn't help to move, change things and become a better version better.

So it's all, if I didn't forget something, but, as I always forget something, I'm sure that I forgot something, but whatever, I wrote enough of things I need to do. Not a short list, so I have plans what to do! I will hope and try that I will have more progress in blogging this year!

Thanks for reading my blog!!!


  1. very nice photos!

  2. Fantastic goals! Lovely pics too.

  3. Wow! Your your so young and ambitious! Just like my friend and writer from ! I wish you that all your goals became true!

    1. Haha It's not a big deal, just simple goals. Thanks!!!!!!

  4. Hi! I'm visiting your blog for the first time and I really like it. You're doing a great job, don't ever give up! Keep posting and I'm sure you'll achieve all of your goals.

    Marti xx


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