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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Want to share with you this post before I'll go to sleep #nightbloggingforever . Actually I just thought that will write earlier but I couldn't do it, so write it, while I don't want sleep.
I posted nothing about my life this week. Mostly because here are awful the ice everywhere outside, so I sat home mostly that week, as it's even unreal to go somewhere. So I almost didn't take any photos, but I have a few ones, so I'll show all in this post and will write what I have doing this week and what happened.
So as you can remember people in Ukraine mostly celebrate Christmas on January 7th. So I celebrated that with my family - my parents, also family of my sister visited us.
It was very cosy and snowy day with Christmas atmosphere.
I even got some presents. I was suprised because actually I even forgot that somebody can to give, as I got present to everyone on December 24th and New Year day. Mostly I got money, but I can show some fashion / beauty presents I got. I love everything. <3

Also the last week was the birthday of my sister's husband. It was a really nice day there! I haven't took any photos there. But I have selfies from that day.

Since that day it became really awful weather here. The ice is everywhere and it's so hard to go somewhere and especially for people as me that have health problems with legs.
So mostly now I love to watch ''Sabrina. The Teenage witch'' and drink a lot of warm cappuccino.
Those days I had a lot of time for making my goals into reality. Like I have a few sport days, but for this week I want more days like that.
Also this week was another holiday, but we didn't celebrate it for this time, because everyone already tired of all these winter holidays.
Because of the holidays many kids visited us to sing Christmas songs.
I've learnt languages that week a lot of my time, so in this part I'm proud myself.
I didn't forget to write my new week's goals for this time, we will see if I did everything I wanted in the next post about my week.
The last thing I remember and that happened in the last day of the week is that I reached 20 000 followers on Instagram. I never have so many followers, so I'm really exited, surprised and still don't believe that it happened.
What's good happened this week for you?


  1. There's ice everywhere. It's so cold! I understand you stay at home the most part of the day. I'd do it!
    This pink lip gloss looks great on you.

    1. then I'm not alone! here is the same situation!
      Thank you, yeah, that is nice lipstick!;)

  2. Sounds like you've had a great week! I had no idea Ukraine celebrated Christmas in January! Love the photo with the cuddly bear! I haven't had a super fun week actually, I've been sick and writing on a history essay to sum it up! xx

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot

    1. I think it's like a usual week;) Yeah we do it on January!
      Hope you already are not sick!

  3. Wow, you got so many cute things! :)

  4. How brilliant post!! This Christmas brought double joy for us this year. My sister got blessed with a baby boy on Christmas eve. So we hosted a grand post-Christmas party at one of the best Los Angeles event venues to welcome little one in this world.


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