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Saturday, January 23, 2016


First what I wanted to say that today is starting the 4th week (wow, pretty fast!) of the new year, so usually this day I wrote what I did last week, as it motivates me to do a lot things. For this week I decided not write this post, because I almost didn't take photos this week and my camera in my sister's home a few days already. Posts without photos look not so interesting, so let's miss this week. This week I will have many things about what I want to write and tomorrow I'll bring my camera, so this week have to be better for blogging. Actually, blogging is only thing I didn't good as I wanted the last week. So I think better to write something that can to be interesting.

I noticed you liked my post about tv series that I wrote recently and I've planning what to watch next, so maybe someone from the readers searching for series to watch. I have a lot of what I want to see, I even not sure if I'll can to watch that to the end of 2016. Don't worry, if you think that I'm going to watch each episode of every season. Actually, some of these series I watched almost to the end, so I need to watch only a few episodes;) Also I'm not from those people can watch just watch series / shows / movies. I always have to do something useful else while watching (or listening) shows, so I watch series pretty fast. I want to watch these series in English mostly, as it helps to learn new languages. Before I watched in Ukrainian and Russian languages mostly.
So it's my list of series.
  1. Broke girls. One of my favorite series. I watched first episodes of third season only, but I've heard that there is already 4th season, so I need to see this asap.
  2. Scream queens. Honestly I have no idea about what this show, but it looks very girly and cool, many people like it and Emma Roberts is my favorite, so I need to check this out!
  3. Young and Hungry. I watched around 15 first episodes more a year ago probably, but now there are so much more episodes. I think I need to start watching from the start, as I forgot many things.
  4. Supernatural. I watched around 4 seasons... Really want to see new episodes!
  5. Simpsons. I watched around 10 seasons, after they started to make not so good series, but any ways there a lot of good ones.
  6. Friends. I watched from the start to the end once in Ukrainian language, but I saw some episodes in English too. I love to watch Friends in the both languages, but not in Russian, as Russian language sounds not so funny.
  7. Sherlock. I've heard that it's very interesting. Really want to check this out!
  8. Violetta. I'm not a big fan of Violetta, but If I was 13 or less I liked it more. But I watched a lot of episodes already and I'm interested what will happen next, so I want to continue watching this. Any ways there are only 15 new episodes I've not seen;)
  9. Beverly Hills 90210. It reminds me about my childhood and I just want to see series that were filmed when I even didn't exist.  It was filmed before 1996 year when I was born, right? Any ways I was too little to remember 90's, I remember only some moments from 2003 e.t.c.
  10. Gossip girl. I've already saying that miss Gossip girl vibe. Although after 3 season episodes are becoming boring, this show has something that make to watch and watch this.


  1. Yes to all of these! Reading this makes me want to go on a major binge-watch! Great picks xo

    Sharan |

  2. I watched the Scream Queens last year and I 100% recommend it! It's got some absolutely hilarious moments and suspenseful moments as well and I loved it! It's just got signed for a second season which I am so excited for!! Also Sherlock is a must watch! I love Benedict Cumberbatch and this version of Sherlock is my absolute fave! Em xx

    1. So many people like it! I need to check this out!

  3. The first ten minutes of Sherlock is a little slow, but after that it's amazing. I told a coworker about the show and he got addicted watching it. He almost called out of work so he could watch more of it.

    1. My mom said that's very interesting too!

  4. Friends is one of my favorite series of all times. I've seen it three times!

  5. Friends is 100% my favorite show! I'm watching through it for the sixth time (and I watched it the first time only 1 and 1/2 years ago so there's been a lot of Friends) I also really like the first seasons of Supernatural (at least up til season 6) and Sherlock is so cool, haha! Other series I like is Twin Peaks, Community and Suits! :)

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot


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