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Saturday, January 9, 2016


I was going to write this post earlier, but better a little bit later than later. Any ways, it was in my list of things I wanted to do this year. I don' know if I'm going to write this on the blog every time but at least I need to write in my notebook. It's such a great motivation, especially, if to write this on the blog. 

♥ So first thing I can say that I met the new 2016 year really good. Everything was great and cozy that day. We had a real festive atmosphere, so everything was like I wanted. Some people don't like to be on New Year Eve with their family and prefer parties, but this thing is not for. I don't feel comfortable on parties and it looks so boring for me, so yeah, little home parties are so much better. For me it always was and will be the family holiday.

♥ Next thing that happened is the snow that fell out in the first morning of the year. I was very happy when woke up and saw this beauty. 
Any ways, snow give a festive mood to everyone, so that was such a nice way to start this year. I've heard a good quote about it, that a new year always start in winter because snow is like a clean paper for writing your new happy story and forgetting everything was bad.
♥ First day of the year I celebrated too, as I do it every year. For this time I went with my parent to my grandmother's home, also there were my sister's family. It was perfect breakfast, everyone had fun and festive mood.
♥ Also after the breakfast my niece Eva will go to our home, although I have a few days with her, so it wasn't boring time. She is so active and want to play something every second, so after a few hours with her I become very very very tired.
♥ Also we had an amazing snowy walk together. It was very fun and ... cold!

♥ I has also a nice walk with my friend that I've not seen a some time, we has some great moments to remember!♥
 ♥ Mostly all those days I had very cosy evening with my family, Christmas movies / musicals, tasty food, the blanket and the shinny snow outside, of course.
By the way, I watched ''Holiday wishes''(2006) today. And it's really nice! So I recommend!

♥ Also I started to re-watch ''Sabrina The Teenage With'' series, as I did it on January the last year (honestly I'm not sure about it) and I even liked it more than in my childhood, so yeah, I started to watch it again, because it's amazing. 

I watched so Christmas and New Year's episodes of the best series ever  ''Friends'' too. I think I'm going to re-watch this too soon, because I already forgot everything.
 ♥ Also I had a pilates-time a little bit this week... at least, I tried and a little bit is better than nothing, so I'll try to have more sport days this week, at least, because I will have more free time.

♥  I started to create my notebook of my inspiration again, as I wanted. I love doing it so much! By the way, my niece have helping me. <3

♥ I was pretty active, as blogger this week and I've taking photos almost everyday.
 ♥ I had amazing Christmas eve in my grandmother's home and fairy Christmas day with my family. I wrote it in my recent post, so you can to read about it more.

♥ We got a looooot of snow for Christmas and it was snowing whole day. So fairy!

♥ I had a lot of very good moments this week and only 2-3 that I didn't like.

♥ I smiled a lot and had a good mood everyday. When I hadn't, people around made me smile.


  1. I believe too that these holidays are better at home with family.

    1. Nice that here are people like me! People around me especially of my age have different opinion about it.

  2. I love rewatching the Christmas/seasonal friends episodes! I also love your panda hat and mittens! :)

    1. Yeah, Friends can make a great festive mood to everyone! Thank uu!

  3. Me encanta tu abrigo marron. Muy guapa!

    1. thank uuu, honestly, that jacket is already old, but new one looked bad with this look.


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