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Thursday, January 14, 2016

MY THOUGHTS WHEN I'M ON INSTAGRAM // 20 000 followers!!!

Hello guys!!! This week I was not very active, but today, I think, It's time to blog already. Any ways, today I has a reason to write - 20 000 people clicked at "follow" button on my Instagram account. Sounds really crazy!!! So thankful for this!<3 I had no idea that so many people will like what I'm doing...

Any ways, I already a long time have one idea for a post. I have one similar about my everyday's thoughts like a blogger. I noticed you liked it and agree that mostly of bloggers have thoughts like those ones. So in this post I want just to talk about my thoughts when I'm sitting on Instagram:

  • Sooo, it's the start of the day! I have a lot of plans this day... Let's check out Instagram!
  • "3 new likes ,18 new followers" - I really feel like people follow me and later never check out my page anymore...
  • While I've sleeping so many people posted photos that I need to spent for this a whole day. Probably I follow too many people, I need to unfollow some profiles... *check out my following* No, I love all these Instagram pages. Better I will sleep less.
  • Why people prefer to like my photos that I posted 43 weeks than recent photos? think I started to take worse photos.
  • I think a half of people I follow live on a Beach and have 179 swimwears
  • Even the worst photo of Justin Bieber have around 1 million likes. I really don't understand why people like it!
  • All Instagram pages of people I know are so much interesting. It really looks like everyone has a great bright everyday, only not me.
  • So it's around 2℅ of my followers like my photos. Where another 98%?
  • I think some people can think I bought followers.
  • Honestly I prefer to buy chocolate.
  • Wish that everytime when I like a cool thing, they will become to be mine.
  • How some people can to be perfect everyday? They never want to rest?
  • I really don't understand why when a celebrity die, everyone post their photos even if never cared about that person before? Seriously this only make Instagram feed to look like a trash. If you post this, it will change nothing.
  • Never check out Instagram after 20:00! Never! There too many tasty food!
  • Can't understand how their makeup look perfect on every photo. When I try to do this, it looks like I'm without makeup.
  • I follow some people that post a lot of photos, but I never see them in Instagram feed... It looks really strange.
  • Stay, that guy has 15 millions followers, but I never heard about him before! Who is it?


  1. omg haha! I rather buy chocolate too! I follow so many people that post every hour but never see their post it so weird and I can totally relate to all your isnta thoughts! :D

  2. I love Instagram but I also love your realistic expectations. It can be hard to keep up!

  3. Mmmm...pysznie :D

  4. Hahaha, this was such a funny post! I'd choose buying chocolate over pretty much anything haha! ;)

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot

  5. I'm so agree. Chocolate is the best!; D


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