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Monday, January 25, 2016


 Just photos of what I ordered from Born Pretty Store, I'll write reviews about every item in my next posts, so If you're interested, keep in touch.

I got another parcel from . It's my second time when I order something from that online store. And again I'm so happy with all beauty things I got. As always every item has a high quality, have pretty design and looks great on a face.
So if you're interested to order something too, then use the code ''GEVG10'' to get 10% off on all items in the store.
 I got 4 beauty products for this time:
In my next posts I will write reviews about all these products and will show how it looks on me.
I don't know what's my favorite thing from this order - nail polish or eyeshadows palette.
Nail polish that change color with a temperature is my little dream about one year, but I haven't found it in my town, so good that I've seen this here, in the shop. I decided to choose blue / violet colors, as I adore both colors, especially, on nails. Also I love that it has a little bit of sparkles, it make your manicure to be kinda ''galaxy''.
Also I love my eyeshadows. The are super shiny. And I love that these sparkles are everywhere, not only on the top, as do some brands...
Lipgloss has little sparkles, but looks almost transparent on lips, so it's a perfect thing for everyday and not only makeup!
And the last item- eyeliner and eyebrow liner. Eyeliner is waterproof and it's almost unreal to clean this from the skin haha. You can to make a tattoo for one day or even more. Also the color of this is really very-very black.
What about eyebrow eyeliner, I'm not sure if it will be using, let see later, it look pretty dark for me, but when I've tried this was a bad light, so I need to try it again with daytime light.
I'll show my look with these products later!


  1. those nails are gorgeous!!!

  2. How beautiful! I love all the sparkles!

  3. Wow, these are very sparkly. But you can get away with wearing them, i guess, on me they´d settle in all the fine lines.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. I am really looking forward to your review on the glittery eye palette, I like to wear sparkling eye shadows on a nights out but I have trouble finding a proper really glittery one that lasts a few hours :)
    Jenny Side Up

    1. Okay! All reviews will be done in a few days!

  5. All is super glitter. Love the shadows and nail polish looks great!


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