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Sunday, January 10, 2016


I still see in my feed different posts about Christmas and New Year, so I think it's still not too late for this post. Mostly I saw posts about goals for this new year, but as I said I'm not going to write goals for this year, because a year is too much of time, so we forget about our goals very soon, so I prefer weekly goals.
But I want to share with my blogging and internet goals for this year, because - 1) it's not that thing I can forget; 2) this post will help me to understand what I want and what I need to do for this; 3) for some of you maybe it will be interesting, because I've reading some posts like this one and it was interesting for me to read!
I have a lot of goals:

I've looking at some pretty Instagram profiles these recent two days that have very pretty photos of buildings, food, nature, clothes e.t.c. and I'm so inspired and sad in the same time, because I understood that haven't so beautiful profile.
○ So I want to add to my profile more of photos of buildings and just of pretty place. While I don't travel, I still can show photos of my cities, here are a lot of pretty places, as in any town.
Also I need to add more natures and especially flowers, they make profiles to look bright and alive.
I need to take more selfies. I took my last selfie (it was mirror-selfie) on October yet, so yeah, I'm not on of those people who take selfies every hour. But people love selfies and I do, one of my favorite type of photos on lifestyle profiles.
To learn how take pretty photos of things that on the table (or floor or something else, whatever). I mean photos when instagrammers with pretty profiles take photos of pretty items (for example, a flower, a cup of coffee, a magazine and another random things). Sometimes it looks so beautiful, my blog and Instagram need more photos like this!
○ To make more photos of things round me.
To take photos as often as it's possible, because photos help me me to remember days.

To use Pinterest more, find more people that will like my profile and not only re-post picture, but add another pics I found on other sites and add photos from the blog with links on posts, use hashtags. I've heard Pinterest is good for the blog's traffic.
○ Use more Pinterest, to add more my favorite pictures and photos, to find there people will like my page. I love Tumb'r vibe so much better, such a good inspiration there.
To find people that will be interested to ''work'' in the company where I ''work''. I mean investments. So I'll can earn more, so it's important thing, while I don't get any money from my blog or social medias, cause I live in Ukraine and here doesn't work PayPal - only way that companies want pay.
○ Don't forget about twitter chats for bloggers.

○ To learn to draw better and shares of photos of my drawing.
To be more creative in photography.
○ Share more photos of my style.
○ To do makeups for the blog / Instagram more often, not once in a few months.
○ To write more about food I cook, I mean recipes.
○ To workout more and write about my results.

Every blogger love to get new followers.
○ Bloglovin. So here is pretty hard to find followers, but It's my favorite way to follow blogs, so I became very happy when have new followers there. I'm sure that I'll get 2000 followers this year there, as I need only less 200 followers for that, but I will be surprised and be very happy if I'll get 3000 followers, now it sounds crazy.
○ Instagram. My the most followed page. I need less than 150 followers to 20 000, so probably I'll get it in a few days (sooo exiiiiteeeed!!!). As I got around 15 000 followers there this year (and around 5 000 in 2014 (from March)), I'll hope I'll get at least the same amount of followers, so 20 000 + 15 000... it will be 35 000... sounds crazy, hm.

So yeah it my the most important pages, about other ones like Google+ I have not time to care too, I do there nothing, but have a lot of followers there and 2 500 000 views... it's very strange, that there people follow me so fast, while I use Google + only as for commenting blogs. I wish that people people follow me on Bloglovin so fast as that and my blog will have 2 500 000 views lol.

I'm adding this spring sunny photo this cold snowy evening to this post. I'm 99% sure that haven't posted this photo before, because my face here is not good enough, but whatever, I love this green nature, cherry bloom and light outfit.


  1. Love this photos! You're beautiful!

  2. Loving the blogging goals for this year, I haven't thought about mine but I should! it gives your more of a direction for the year!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

    1. I agree! I have not doing this before too!

  3. Love the blogging goals for this year Anna, you look sooo pretty in the picture <3

  4. Great goals. Mine are to take better pictures and to try and post regularly.

  5. Bloglovin is my favorite way to follow blog too. I follow you there!

  6. Greats post!!! Kisses

    Me ayudas esta semana con esto del voto? Le puedes dar a cualquiera de las dos palabras rojas del post ?


  7. Śliczna jesteś!
    Obserwuję :D


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