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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Heeeellooo guys! How are you? I'm great! Days after New Year eve are really good, although it's tooooooo cooooold (-15 C) and I haven't said yet, but on the January 1 - the first day of the year we had snow and still have! Yeah, it's not too much of snow, only a little bit, but any ways, it gave me even more of New Year's mood. It's pretty fairy! I think just too many people really dreamed about snow on New Year and it happened. Fairy things always have happening on winter holidays. 
So yeah, it's very cold and I even don't want to leave my home while it's too low temperature. Also I haven't a jacket for this weather, as my new one that I bought about a month ago is already destroyed:( The old one that I've wearing the recent two years is really short already for me. It's pretty strange because I'm 19, but probably I'm still growing up.
I tried to take photos for an outfit-post outside, but I haven't liked how looked that jacket (also whole outfit and my morning face) and my dad had a problem with photo focus. Usually he takes nice photos, but you know that low temperature is bad for cameras so they are becoming pretty weird in winter cold days. So in the next time! 
Any ways, it's for the last part of my 2015 in photos posts.


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