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Friday, January 8, 2016

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

...Just like the ones I used to know... ♥

This is one song I can't stop sing today, because: 1) today is Christmas day in Ukraine; 2) We have a little bit of the snow since January 1st, but on this Christmas it have snowing a lot and we really have a lot of snow now!!! Something magical in that it have snowing on the holidays. It's give a real Christmas spirit!

So my Christmas was white and fun because my niece Eva visited because the Christmas dinner. She made me smile a lot, although I feel not good a few recent days after all food I ate on the holidays but it's okay;) We played a lot of games, she was cute as never before. <3

Also I've heard music on the street so I'll go to the window to see what is it, turns out that were people who sing and play Christmas songs and they notice that I've staring at them so they go to my window to play and sing for me, so my mom invited the to go to us and to sing some Christmas songs for our family.

So yeah, everything was great, also I got some presents even, I didn't waiting for it, so it was surprise for me.

Decided that snow is a nice reason to make new photos for the blog! It was warm, by the way, so don't worry that I wear the jacket this way.

 My cutest winter boots ever from  this store - Use code ''anna-alina'' to save 10% from the price of any items.  Also this code you can use one this store:  . These store are the cutest shops I've seen, there a lot of kawaii things and not only.
So it's my little present for you because of Ukranian Christmas! 


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