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Saturday, January 2, 2016


Perfect color for New Year Eve, but not perfect nail polish, It has suck a short lasting...
Celebrated with my hamster together  ^_^.

So I've wearing my gold jacket and jewelries (as it's lucky color of this year) and t-shirt and skirt that I didn't wear yet (I just I've heard that for New Year you have to wear something new for having a lot f new clothes in the new year). Believe it works, especially, if you believe in it!

My ''Snowman'' salad. Cheese, mayonnaise and garlic. I always loved this salad, but decorated the first time.
A little bit of the present I gave to my family,  just love how look this frame. ♥
Found these fun cards in the thrift shop:D

So guuuuys new 2015 year is here! I'm so happy, because I had two perfect days with my family. Everything was really great and so much better than in the last year! I celebrated it with my parents and my hamster only, but it was super fun! For me it's perfect way to celebrate it!

I have very good feelings for this year! But I don't want think about future, better to make today to be better. I have so different thoughts than I had the last year, cause I remember that I was sick then and everything was not so good too. 

Also yeah I didn't write two days because I thought that now it's not a blogging time and mostly people just celebrate the holidays, so nobody care about blogs. So I'm here only today.

Guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Make your dreams come true this year!


  1. the year Santa's reindeer went on strike

  2. Happy New year, honey!! Love the black & gold combo <3

  3. Happy new year! I absolutely love the nail polish. Disappointed to hear it didn't last long :-(

  4. Very nice photos!

  5. Happy new year! wonderful outfit <3


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