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Monday, December 28, 2015

What I'm going start to do in the new 2016 year

When I have searching for photos for my recent posts I found the post about my goals for 2015 year and I understand now my mistake. I wrote that post and probably I remembered some time and forget very soon. I think a year is too big time for making goals for it, we always think that we have a lot of time and in the end we did almost nothing what had we wanted. So this year I will not write my goals for the new year, although I wrote my wishes in my notebook, but they aren't goals. We all have wishes for which we can do nothing or they are too hard or we don't know how to do it;) By the way, writing wishes really work. I found a few months ago the wishes I wrote about three years ago and they all became reality or I don't want them anymore, so I didn't them.

Any ways I want to write about little things I want will do this year. 
I'm not proud of myself in a lot of things this year, like sport or art e.t.c. ... So I'm really going to do something with this, because I want to be proud of myself and to know that I did everything I wanted. I will save this post in my browser and then I will always know what I need to do!

So these are some things I will doing in the next new year. Maybe I forgot something, if yes, I'll add later that!
So yeah, as I said I must have more of sport in my life. It's very important for the health, beauty and even having a great mood, so, any ways, in the next 2016 year I will have a lot of work out. I prefer pilates and similar things. But I want to try yoga too, maybe even something else!

To learn an another language I like. I really like learning languages, so it will be really nice to know better another languages.

♥ To watch more movies in English and do other things that will help me to know English better. Knowing English is really important. It has a million reasons. But I will need do it, at least, because I blog in English.

♥ To read, at least, 1,5 interesting books a month. This year I've reading really not so many books, I will want so much more, because it's really interesting.

♥ But movies are not worse. It will be really interesting to watch movies that I haven't watched where played my favorite actors. I'm sure that I will find some great movies.

♥ Also I really need to search music I like more time. Mostly I listen to a music I've heard on TV or in the shop and you know mostly all these pop songs are really stupid and also you start to hate after a week of listening of them, while here are songs that you can listen forever. For example, I'm so happy that started listen some music groups I found like Ms Mr, I wrote them in the summer, probably. Or recently turned out that I really looove almost all songs of famous Guns N' Roses, earlier about two years I just have listening only one their song, because I was lazy to find other ones. Also recently I started to listen Aerosmith... ah okay, enough about it, too much texts about music, hehe.

By the way, also, I want to find some magazines I will like to read too. And I need them for my art-book too.

♥ So yes, I want to finish my art-book. I love doing so much, but I really don't any magazines for it. This year I bought one magazine. Maybe two, but I'm not sure.

♥ Drawings, drawings, drawings... for what I bought those pencils a few months ago if I don't draw? Nobody used them even once! I really need start to draw ASAP.

♥ To take photos of different pretty things more often!

♥ Before every week to write my to-do list on the notebook.

♥ After every week to write on the blog what I did good this week. It will be a great motivation!

To try cooking something harder than salads. Everyone know that I'm bad at cooking, although this year I started to cook some not very hard dishes, so it's already good as for me haha. But I think it's time to start baking something e.t.c. ...


  1. These are wonderful goals for next year! I love to read and feel that I need to do more of it next year. You look lovely in the photo :)

    xo Azu

    1. As I said it's more like things I'm going to do, not goals, because it's not a big deal.
      I'm so glad that someone is inspired to do more things in the next year too because of my post!

  2. I think these are some great goals/wishes and some that I'd like to do as well, would love to read more - a real lack of Reading this year! Work out more and plan more! I'd also like to start writing more, like short-stories! Lovely post!

    Filippa | Always a Dot

  3. nice wishes for the new year

  4. So many positive goals here wishing you the best

  5. Good luck with everything!

  6. I wish you a great 2016! :)


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