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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Oh heeeey guys! Happy first day of Deeeceeeembeeer! I really wish to you all have a great time this winter and the best holidays ever yet! I'm so exited about that today is first day of winter! It's pretty crazy!
Since my little blog break (even less that one week) we had snowing a few times the recent days. A few days even we had a looot snow, that I even took a few photos of that snowy fairytale. I really feel like I'm in a fairytale when I wake up and it's a lot of snow around house. 
Today's morning was snowy too, but the rain made to melting, so we almost haven't that snow. It's so fast how it melted! But it's still snowing (snow and rain together), although it's melting. Now temperature is too warm for snow, so we have to wait for it a few days. Hope in the end of December it's snowy.
Any ways, when it's no snow on the streets on Christmas / New year eve, I still have a great holiday mood.
It's some photos I took from my window in my room two or three days ago (I really forgot haha):
By the way, I haven't doing any manicures too long, so I thought it's the time for it, so I want to show you what I got and what I used for it.
I used for it pink nail polish from
 COLOUR INTENSE. And, honestly, I don't recommend it, as it's very transparent on nails and haven't not long lasting, as it written on the bottles. The nail polish looked good one day on the nails. It's very bad.
Any ways, also I used these pink sparkles from one shop near my house. It looks really good, although I used it only one or twice... I have to use it more haha!
Also I used my heart shape decorations for nails from Kawaii box that I got a few days ago.

By the way, I have a good news, if you still haven't heard about it - I have the giveaway where you can win another Kawaii box (make your enteries to the giveaway below this post). More entries you will do, more chances to get it!
So it what I got. Very girly and... pink. I was inspired by Japan fashion. I noticed that there women love to use a lot of decoration for their nails.
So yeah, all this month I will do blogmases. I have plans to make some posts about winter home decoration, gift ideas, another inspirational things and just posts about my winter days.  See ya tomorrow!
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