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Sunday, December 27, 2015


HELLO GUYS! I had no idea that this year I took a lot of photos I want to share with you again. I thought that I'll do two parts of this post (January - June and July - December), but turned out that there are to many photos, so I don't how much months I will doping in next posts but in this post I'll show photos only from three first months of 2015.
Honestly now it sounds really crazy because this year was the fastest year ever and not only for me. I remember how I celebrate the last New year eve, that I have a fairy white Christmas.. I feel like it was a few months ago only. Seriously. And now this all was already one year ago...
Any ways, here a lot of photos I want to show you again!
Okay first thing I remember about January is New year eve and first day of the year. I celebrated this with my parents, grandmother and family of my sister. Mostly I just played with my niece that day.
Also I remember Christmas day (January 7th). We had a looooot of snow. It was pretty fairy I did some nice photo that day.
All January was very snowy, sometimes we had too much of snow that it was hard to walk, but anyways, it was not cold weather. Perfect for winter!
 It how I looked on New year night;)
 I remember how one of the first days of January I went to take some photos with my sister in the night. So this is one of them.
 Christmas day at my grandmother'ds home. 
By the way this cookie was not only pretty, but very tasty mmm, ah!
 I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know... 
 I still love this dress that bought that month.
 That day we had a lot of snow, really a lot of snow. Snow was everywhere! 
This cute panda hat have saving me in cold winter days...
Yeah, I've spending a lot of time with my niece Eva..;D
 The end of the month. Still too snowy, but pretty warm (as for winter)!
Let's start with that fact that I diyed my hair bottom in pink color. I just really love how it looked. ♥
 And did it lighter later;)
 Still a lot of my niece. It's always hard to spent time with her but never boring. If you think she's very kind and shy, I'll say that no, she's crazy child haha:D
I remember I did this photo when walked with my sister and niece.
I don't like this photo, because here I'm looking like an another person, but I love this gold sweater. I mean the color only. The material was very bad, so thick and hard like a rock that made me really fat...
My Boo is important part of my life, so let's this cute photo of him will be here.
Another my favorite sweater. P.S. this sweater was destroyed but only today I go it back and it still looks nice. Can't wait to wear again!
Favourite day of the month was international women's day. I spent it with my old friends, we had a great adventure when walked and I also had a lot of  different surprises that day. All people were so kind and cute that day.
 Also I bought Sims 3 that month, so bye-bye reality, Sims is so much better, hehe!
 I remember that March was so windy and cold but without snow. It was soooo cold to take this photo.
 Just because those heart-shaped marshmallows are so cute. And Lipton tea with blueberry pie too. <3
 That day I lost my phone and after that I have some problems with that, because I bought a new phone that turned was not so good as I wanted and in the shop the director said that they don't see any reasons why I don't like the phone, so they don't want to bring it back (because it was not good little shop that was near my house and was recommended by my friend (turned out she did it because she didn't want to go to the center to the normal good shop)), but I was very persistent and still was about two hours in that shop, so that director got the phone to the shop the phone and give almost all money back and said the rest will give me when the phone will be sold, later he gave some money else but I still didn't have all my money because the phone is still in the shop, nobody bought it. So yeah...
At least that situation was my lesson, because in a normal shop it will never happen. 


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