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Sunday, December 27, 2015


So it's the second part of that post I wrote earlier today. My spring and summer;) The next third part I will write about autumn and December in first days of the new 2016 year, because December is not over, so better to write it later!

 Easter! ♥
 On the weekend we celebrated Easter in the village with my family
 Every year on April 1th the weather has a joke for us too and that day is really snowy every year. It's really strange.
 One of my favourite photos of me.
Time for brighter and lighter outfits!!! <3
May is a time for first summer fruits. 
It's strawberry smoothie with banana...mmm!
And time for flower! I adore wild flower!!!
 It's look so pretty when bloom is almost on all trees. The prettiest time of the year!
 View from living room. That cherry tree makes me happy every spring!
 Also two weeks I had 5 little chickens about two weeks. Yeah in the flat. They were just to small for village.
Now this one in my hands is big cock that loves to fight. I'm scared of him already haha. He even attack my dad and don't afraid of nothing.
 Let's be here the photo of my one and only pet too - the cutest and kindest hamster in the world.
These sunglasses are so good on Eva.
 Birthday of my sister Luda. It was really fun day. I want it back haha!
 Ooooh that was very very very hot day!
 My must-haves for summer day. ♥
To eat apricots in the garden in the village all weekend is always good idea!
One of my favourite ''photoshoot'' that I took alone with tripod in 5 a.m. It was such pretty sunset that I didn't want to sleep!
Ah that beautiful nature in the village!!!

We love to take fun photos together :D
I got the most beautiful necklace ever! ♥♥♥
Ukrainian little beauty!
Before my birthday! 


  1. Wow what a nice roundup post, beautiful photos!

    Filippa | Always a Dot

  2. I love all your photos, especially the flower ones! Also your pre-birthday makeup is stunning! :)

  3. Unas fotos geniales. Sales super guapa y el color de las imágenes me encanta! Felices fiestas!

    Necesito como la semana pasada el empujón en el blog ¿ le puedes dar a cualquiera de las palabras rojas del post ? Un besazo guapi

  4. Gorgeous photo series, you look like you are having fun! You seem to have lovely style too, hope you had a fabulous year and all the best for 2016! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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