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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blogmas #7: My Christmas wish list

Hey! I didn't blog yesterday, because I was going to do something about what I wanted to write on the blog, but I didn't that as I had some important businesses.
But now I think it's the time for a new post, because today's day is so faaaast. The whole day was very grey and dark, now it's even not 5 p.m., but outside it's already night. So short day, yesterday was so much longer.

Any ways, on today's post I want to share with you my Christmas list. I don't mean that things on this post I wait to receive from somebody. It's more for me for that I won't forget to buy some things.
Also I noticed that's going hard to make these lists, cause mostly all I wish to get we can't buy with money or it costs millions haha. But I found some nice things I wish to get:

  Macaron shaped headphones.Probably on of the cutest things I've seen.
 Although I prefer big ones, they work so much longer, but I think the little ones are cutest. Any way these ones are pretty too! Lovely colors!
 Also I need so much a wireless charger for my phone. Such a useful thing! By the way, this one with 100% fresh milk bottle is very cute!
Also I think I need a pretty bottle which I can bring with me to everywhere. Although it's more like must-have for summer.
 Cute or just fun slippers for home. These ones with zombies look very fun.
 New cool bedding is always a good idea!
 New mouse for my laptop, because the old one already looks bad.
 Selfie stick. Because it's helps to make photos and videos by phone easier.
 I need a new cup. These are a lot of fun or just pretty cups in the shops. By the way, this cup with biscuit pocket is perfect for me. I love tea or coffee with biscuits and sweets.
 Shapes for cookies.
New lense for my camera. This one I use is good, but sometimes it's not comfortable to use it in little rooms, like mine.

By the way, I want to give you a Christmas present from me too. Use your chance to win a Kawaii box with cute things inside!!!

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